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unrise_lyrical 27th October 2008 03:09 AM

Repairing a DJ Mixer
Hey guys,

Im new, didn't know exactly where to post this. I will give you a quick background before I get into my problem. I am a second year music technology student at university, basically studying digital music and many of its facets. I recently purchased a 2 channel "American Audio QD-5 Mk. II" DJ Mixer for stupidly cheap.

The previous owner said the only problem with it was a bit of static in one of the channels (wasn't sure if it was the mixer or the cable, or so he said *rolls eyes*). Anyway, I didnt have the right cables to test it out (coaxial) but I plugged my mp3 player into the mic jack when I got it home and it was practically just crackle. The unit looks to be almost new so I thought I would open it up and have a look inside for any obvious reason as to it not working.

I don't really have much audio electronics experience...I have a bit of auto electronics experience with modifying cars but not all that much. Anyway, got it open and I can't really see anything wrong with it other than on the back of the main pcb there was some sediment patterns on it that almost looked like someone may have spilt some liquid in there...althoguh it was on the underside...the top of the pcb was clean as...and the pcb sits close to the top of the I cant imagine it IS water damaged. Nevertheless, I have some 100% alcohol sitting around so I gave it a little bit of a gentle scrub to try and clean it up.

The reason for this drawn out post is to ask if there is anything else that it may be that is fixable whilst it is open? I'd love to get it working, I got it for $10au (thats like...4 pounds) even if I dont its a good price for an enclosure I can use for a midi controller project but I'd rather get the mixer working if possible :)

Any advice very much appreciated, sorry again for the long-*** post :)

gain 27th October 2008 04:18 AM

replace the connector the ipod plugs into. but first ....

plug everything in turn everything to LOW volume. then rotate the ipod connector inside the female fitting and listen. if its a contact problem the issue will (usually, but now always) improve or get worse as you spin the male end of the connector inside the female.

the connector is cheap so you may just want to replace it anyway, but at any rate my first suspicion would be a loose connection somewhere. most obvious point is of course the jacks.

good luck!

jaycee 27th October 2008 10:04 AM

Your MP3 player probably put out too loud a signal for the Mic port, which is most likely designed for low output mics, or even mics requiring phantom power. Try it with a real mic.

It is possible however that the jack has been stressed through lots of disconnects, and its just worn. If you're good with a soldering iron, outright replacement is probably well worth it.

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