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ostripper 25th August 2008 07:13 AM

OStripper's Schematic/Datasheet archive
Today I put a link to my server to "share" a few projects and
found the response overwhelming.

-1100 downloads of assorted electronic projects.:bigeyes:

-220 Dl's of DIYaudio popular solid state amps (from this site).

-100's of assorted manuals,tutorials, etc.

-100's of TUBE and classD items.(No discrimination here.)

SO, as not to be a "threadjacker":bawling: :bawling:
I will post the link here and take suggestions for (media)
so people won't have to bounce a 1000 threads
or pay a BS datasheet site to get what they need.
Link below:


If you want to SHARE datasheets
or other Media post on this thread.(I want more!! :devilr: )
Thank you, OS.

ostripper 25th August 2008 07:30 AM

I stopped the music because it overwhelmed my server
(whole albums) and it might be deemed inappropriate
by some ..sorry, we can share but not leach..
I.E. HQ test tones:devilr: :devilr:

To SHARE please use the upload link near the "cheeta"
Thank you, OS!!!:)

P.S. Also you can look at other media and we can share
if you post.

lineup 25th August 2008 03:05 PM

i tried your server a few times last days
it does not always work
timed out etc.

but when it works there are too many things to download
of course for diy audio schematics & unique circuit ideas is most interesting
but how to find them??

schematics are all over the internet to find
but those creative ideas - the new and unique ones = hard to find
many of course are not published, like new copyrighted amplifier stuff
from commercial manufacturers Krell, Mark Levinson etc.

anyway, thanks
your site is welcome
You should try to make it More Unique.
... not just another 'imageschack' file up/down loader

Regards ;) Lineup

ostripper 25th August 2008 09:55 PM

Wow,2155 projects downloaded in 14 hours.

Only one song shared with the "cheeta".
I will let people share the music but they need password now.

Lineup , to make it "unique" would short circuit the purpose,
to get what you need as fast as possible.
half of the links in the forums don't even work..VERY
frustrating for those who just need a quick "317 regulator"

Also so many formats.. GIF, JPG,PNG,etc. I use tabbed foxit
PDF and can have Qausi amp open plus all it's tranny's
(340/50 irfp260,etc) at the same time!
make's it easy to design PCB's...

Ask for the password, heck I'll even post it here ...
but please share w/ the cheeta!! ;)

lineup 25th August 2008 10:03 PM

It is your choice.
If make your website 'unique' or not.

As now it is not, in my opinion, much different from many other up/down files storage sites.
But if people are happy with this, so let them have it :devilr:
At least your site is not commercial
.. with 100-reds of Advertisings
.... not yet :confused:
... but who knows ...


lineup 25th August 2008 10:09 PM

check ALL LINKS in your pages
this is very basic thing for us web designers

How about this:
in your electronics page
wont get people very far, will it ;)

this one is better:
and finally this:

Lineup - The Web Designer of valid XHTML and valid CSS site:
Lineup Audio at freehostia

ostripper 25th August 2008 10:09 PM

I updated profile ,you can click on my "WWW" get datasheets/
books or anything else..Thats what makes it unique.:D
Simple rules! The server makes all the listings so I don't
have to.(people today have downloaded at least 1 of Everything
so I know it works!)

I want it so people can upload right from cheeta page with no
eternal are right ,I will go direct to upload dialog.
Ill put that near the"cheeta".

thanks for input, I'm new at this(webserving)

BTW..your WWW doesn't work??

lineup 25th August 2008 11:24 PM

doesnt work?

well it is one very very big free host, with instant signup for free
and at such big free servers, with maybe 100.000 websites/server
they get some few times too many connected
and so the server gets busy and the databases crowded
but generally my links work
even those at big free webspace sites

they have usually at least 4-5 very strong good webservers
with many users/free website at each one

I have not have many reports about this not working:

Of course, depends a bit where in the world you are.
How fast the connection to other side of Planet Earth will go.
And if you time out.

ostripper 26th August 2008 12:05 PM

We have 3100 datasheets/projects downloaded
in 18 hours. I hope these are used
and enjoyed by all!:) :)

For 24 hours I'll open up the "Music shack"...with all this hard
work on our audio we need some entertainment..


Dont abuse it!!:smash:

ostripper 27th August 2008 12:33 PM

They abused it.!
They abused it. If anybody wants anything
other than datasheets and projects...

1.Share with me.

2.Ask for a password in this thread.

3.No download managers.

Only 1 person uploaded something to me in 3 days.:(
But, they downloaded 3000 projects and 500 media items.

GREEDY. OH well , I learned my lesson..

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