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leadbelly 22nd March 2003 06:58 PM

problem with static/carpet and HT rig
Please help! I'm worried I'm gonna fry my receiver soon!

Problem: occassionally, touching some of the devices on my HT chain when have built up some static makes them go nuts (volume, static noise, resets). Case of receiver most worrisome.

Setup: Receiver + DVD + VCR + 2 sat rec, all 2 prong AC plug, all plugged into same surge protector, that plugged into same outlet. All are placed on a painted metal AV cart, which has rubber wheels, and laying on top of carpet.

What can I do? What should I be looking for? Checking if some of the devices chassis/cases are not grounded?

nw_avphile 22nd March 2003 07:52 PM

Is it a Harmon Kardon receiver by chance? I've seen a lot of them do crazy weird things. HK seems to use really marginal microprocessor designs for some reason.

The snap/pop in the speakers during a static discharge is difficult to get rid of in many systems but usually isn't very loud. The system should not, however, do erratic things!

I'd suggest spraying the carpet with an anti-static spray. They work well for several months but you have to re-apply them now and then.

You could also try a SINGLE ground point from the receiver chassis to the nearest AC outlet but you will probably have to put isolators in your cable/sattellite feed (if you have one) to prevent ground loop problems.

Finally, you could provide a grounded "touch point" near your system (i.e. the metal cart?) that has its own path to ground. You touch that first before touching anything metal in the system.

leadbelly 22nd March 2003 08:01 PM

No, it's an Outlaw receiver.

I thought of grounding the receiver case, and then isolating everything else, but how do I isolate the sat recvr coax gnd? It's a Bell (like your DishNet), so there's actually pure DC in the coax used to power the dish. Would a cheapo xfmr work in that case?


nw_avphile 22nd March 2003 09:03 PM

The dish isolation is a good question. I know you can get external power supplies which can be put between the isolator and the LNB but that's more expensive. You might be OK without isolating it. Cable feed ground loops tend to be more of a problem than sattellite ones.

You could also try running a ground wire from your receiver back to the ground used by the dish which still grounds the receiver but eliminates the ground loop.

As for Outlaw, that doesn't speak well for the ESD design of their receiver. Any commercial equipment shouldn't be affected in that way by normal ESD.

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