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Brit01 24th July 2008 12:45 AM

Alesis RA 150 - Good or Bad??
I've read so many contrasting reviews about the Alesis RA 150 that now I don't know if to buy them now.

I have a pair of Klipsch F-1 and want to have 2 power amps to drive them.

I was considering the Alesis as they are going for 200 USD each. For this price I can't seem to find any other power amps that are switchable to mono bridge mode and run silent.

I'm down in Uruguay so very very little choice. New SKP/Lexsen are available. Also some old used QSC which don't have RCA inputs and are really too big for my living.

Also is it better to use mono bridge mode (one amp per speaker), or each one in stereo with driving the low frequencies and the other higher frequencies?


Brit01 24th July 2008 09:00 AM

I also want to add that there are some Phonic amps for sale.

Phonic MAX 860 and 1500. Maybe these are overkill for the living but they seem to have good transformers and options.

east electronics 24th July 2008 09:08 AM

from all
i would go for the qsc

i bit of love some updating a bit of cleaning and you will have a century of problem free sound

Brit01 24th July 2008 09:14 AM

HI Sakis,

Are you using QSC for home use or with PA speakers? Are they overkill for my Klipsch?

They thought I was crazy wanting power amps for home use. "oh no only for bars and clubs, only for high volumes they insisted".

The new phonics are going for 330-360 USD.


east electronics 24th July 2008 10:30 AM

to my understanding
power was never to litle ....meaning i would easily drive an 100w speaker with 150w amplifier under of course some conditions .....

for example if you have a BW 801 speaker and for me this a speaker that can handle tops 200w ( i think that this is too much no matter what the company or the speaker say )

i would easily drive this with a 350w amplifier but !!!! if my intention was to play soft kind of music only ....... if you do this with the intention of playing something like techno or deep house or heavy metal ( any music that has extremeties at any range of frequency ) then in this case you got your shelf a pair of dooooomed speakers .....

i will state here that mondays in my shop is a "welcome" day for speakers like BW or audio spectrum or mission . or any other like this so called "HIFI" OR HIGH END speakers since their owners wanted to have a party on saturday night with greek folclor music with a lot of bouzouki ( traditional greek musical instrument that produces mostly midle frequency.....)

so power is very subjective ....use it properly and all will be fine ..... there comes a question if the qsc or alesis sound will fit you better ....cause for sure they will sound diferent sudenly power is a secondary issue ....sound is primary ....then followed by construction and reliabilty ....overall quality .... and then power .....

i may be have about 100 amps in my shop .....comercial ,diy , small like 35W and big up to 1200 w @ *R some of them very expensive some of them really crappy .....

the truth is that the latest year the only thing that meets my listenig standards is a P3 from rod elliot nicely made and i think that the way its made is no more than 45 w..... but inside the shop is more than enough ...and as about sound i find a lot better than most of the amps existing inside my shop .....

thank you

Brit01 24th July 2008 10:52 AM

Hi Sakis,

Thks for the info.

I listen to all kinds of music. From Acoustic recordings to heavy metal but never at high volumes. I live in an apartment!

I'm just looking for the best separation of instruments and image at low to moderate volumes(most of the time it's at lower volumes).
I always read that you tend to get better separation, with a less boxed in sound, with more power.


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