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Melon Head 21st July 2008 01:30 AM

NAIM NAP 140 CLONE vs JLH 1996 Class A (30W per Channel (4ohm))
I am interested in this NAP 140 clone however I am wondering how it might stack up against the JLH Class A amplifier.
Should I just build the JLH Class A amplifier or is this NAP 140 clone better?
Thanks for any advice?

By the way I have Usher 2.5 speakers (4ohm) designed by Joe D Appolito

Leolabs 21st July 2008 01:45 AM

NAP is a class B design,right??

Melon Head 21st July 2008 03:48 AM

The size of the heat sinks (small) suggest so

analog_sa 21st July 2008 06:54 AM

My impression is that the JLH is very well documented while the NAP140 is not. Unless you have access to a real amp it may be difficult to produce a clone.

AndrewT 21st July 2008 10:11 AM

what about a symasym?
~50W into 8r0.
which JLH? if 10W, then efficient speakers are needed.
4ohm will run out of ClassA current at lower level than 8ohm and low efficiency exacerbates the problem.

Single ended ClassA hard limits (distorts badly) at the ClassA limit.
Push Pull goes from ClassA into ClassAB if the power supply can meet the demand.

destroyer X 21st July 2008 01:23 PM

JHL, and almost well designed Class A unit will eat an AB into the breafast

of course operating within the limits of power not to distort.

Class A audio quality is very special.... the problem is the heat, low power, low efficiency....but audio quality is excelent.

Your class AB will sound alike if you operate the unit while it is operating almost alike a class A amplifier... when operating into a very low power.... 1 or 2 watts depending the amplifier.

Of course a bad class A design will be eated by a good class AB design...... but JLH amplifier is very, very, very good one.

You have to build both, and listening you will realise the one is better to your ears, and i suggest you to try both, will learn a lot, and by yourself.

Compare both, using A to B switching mode... same speaker... same power level.... and reality will come to your brain.



Melon Head 21st July 2008 01:24 PM

NAP 140 clones are available on ebay, so that is not a problem.
My question is what is the better sounding amp?

Melon Head 21st July 2008 01:24 PM

If you had read the thread title it is for a JLH Class A rated at 30 W per channel into 4ohms (1996).
The speakers are 90dB/W/m efficient.

Just tell me what is regarded as the better sounding amp, or at least a description of the differences.

destroyer X 21st July 2008 01:41 PM

Sonic experiences are very hard to explain using words

Unfortunattely, the correct way to decide is to listen both units.

Class A distort less....more pure sound.... less dinamic power... a more pleasant listening.

Your question is an extreme of complexity to answer.... well... i have tried, but long time experience about that subject you will have when you have spent long time listening many units... this is personal, we cannot transfer experience into words or produce a file to travel into internet... this depends on yourself, to listen and learn how to evaluate, to perceive those formula available, not the way people use instructions to make a cake.

The real better one is to have both of them, to evaluate by yourself and to decide by yourself... then you will be absolutelly sure.... you may have different opinnions here... you may love both or hate both... this is also a possibility.


AndrewT 21st July 2008 03:44 PM

well, I've gone back to read my downloaded copy of the 1996 ClassA and it talks us through increasing power from 10W to 15W into 8r0.
It also reminds one that the single ended can only deliver current upto the bias level.

If you use a 15W into 8r0 single ended amp connected to a 4r0 load then the maximum power delivered to the load is just 7.5W.

I ask again

which JLH? if 10W, then efficient speakers are needed.
BTW 90dB/W/m are not efficient speakers. If they are 90dB/2.8V/m they are even worse.

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