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Ipanema 14th July 2008 09:28 AM

What happen to thule audio?
Their website is not working.

I'm considering getting an old IA100 and trying to look for the owner/service manual to no avail. Can someone help?


Jan Dupont 14th July 2008 11:33 AM


This is the google translation of the article;

Thule Audio in problems

It is very uncertain whether the Danish audioproducent can survive. The company has had major problems to meet the requirements of the RoHS directive.

Through the recent Thule Audio had major economic problems, and has now led to the director has chosen to resign. It is currently very uncertain whether the company will be continued and if so what forms, writes the Danish audioproducents distributor, Hi-Fi Club, on its website.

Hi-Fi Club, in the light of the situation chosen to suspend cooperation with the Thule Audio. There is, however, negotiations with external investors, and if subsequently found a clarification, the Hi-Fi Club to take back to the situation.

The background to the Thules problems is the introduction of the RoHS directive in 2006. The company outsourced production, but this flytteproces cost dearly both in money and in particular resources, as Thule Audio could not supply the necessary extent. In particular, product and service has suffered so badly in this, that it is no longer possible to continue the Thule Audio in its current form, writes Hi-Fi Club.

From Hi-Fi Club side, the situation is extra unfortunate, because the Thule Audio has been a great success, since the company took over distribution in 2004. Both the technological and design have been the products of very high class, and Hi-Fi Club stresses that they will do everything to the Thule customers, both now and in future can have the best possible service. Hi-Fi Club has taken over the whole Thules spare parts, which ensures that the vast majority of repairs can be done smoothly in the years ahead.

In unfortunate cases, it may happen that a Thule product can not be repaired, typically because a central component is no longer available. If the unit is purchased in Hi-Fi Club, we will of course try to find a satisfactory solution for the customer. Depending on the garantisituationen can this example. to exchange or offer an alternative product at reduced prices, writes Hi-Fi Club on its website.

Ipanema 15th July 2008 08:41 AM

Hi Jan, thanks for the info. Very unfortunate for Thule. Since repair service is no longer provided, how complicated will it be to repair the amp in case of failure? Do you have the schematic for IA100?


Jan Dupont 15th July 2008 08:43 AM

Sorry but I can't help you with Thule schematics....
However to my knowledge many of the parts used are quite common.

Chris DC 19th August 2008 04:32 PM

Hi Ipanema, Did you ever find a source for diagram for IA100? I need diagram for IA150b - someone has replaced some smd caps with leaded devices. I want to make sure the values are correct. (the caps are all dried out / heat damaged)
Chris DC

tinitus 19th August 2008 06:11 PM


Originally posted by Chris DC
(the caps are all dried out / heat damaged)

I am no EE but if you have heat damaged dried out caps I would suspect oscillation/instability to be the cause ???????

Chris DC 20th August 2008 03:21 PM

Hi Tinitus,
I should have said "some" of the caps are heat damaged / dried out. These sit next to hot running resistors & regulators, which results in shortened lifespan for the caps. Interestingly this does result in instability - as you suggested. I want to put back smd devices because the leaded devices have weakened the pads - also the smd sit lower and further away from the hot parts. All the other smd electrolytics in this set (main board) are 3.3uF 50v. The leaded devices the previous repairer fitted are 2.2uF 63v. To be able to get to the pads for soldering, he had to make the legs rather long - not good practice in my opinion, especially as they provide stability for some smd regulators, amongst other things. They are grouped in a set of 8 near the middle of the board. If anyone has one of these sets (Thule Spirit IA150b), perhaps they would be so good as to look through the top cover and post the values for me? Also anyone having problems with one of these sets would be well advised to change the smd electrolytics - especially those next to hot parts.
Many thanks
Chris DC

tiefbassuebertr 23rd June 2009 02:16 PM

Software vor Thule operating MCU

for service in Germany by older 2-ch Thule Audio products I need the specific software for the Atmel processors inside in the amplifier's operating front PCB, also this one for the cd player EPROM.

By which company in Denmark goes the concerning CD ROM?
Thank you very much for appropriate advices.

Best regards
Andreas Kirschner

tiefbassuebertr 12th August 2009 10:11 AM

are there now news about Anders Thule from formerly Thule Audio (such as a new brand name e. g.) ?

Their integrated amplifier are one of the best in Class AB mode, that I ever heard.

Thule Audio has developed a special error correction circuit for class A/B output stages, which convert the power output transistors to an near perfect buffer, to eliminate nearly all switching distortion. The remaining distortion is a more "musical" type and I don't know about other commercial products, where this feature is in use. Read more about this here:

I need still the software for the operating boards of all 2-ch pre- and integrated amplifier, because I perform the repair service for an old German distributor
The question is actually, who has taken over the whole material, and the "know how" of Thule Audio

Jan Dupont 12th August 2009 10:40 AM

Following two companies has bought most of the remaining spare parts from Thule:
Seller of parts and stuff
The former distributor of Thule Audio in Denmark

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