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HaaiFaai 22nd November 2001 01:34 PM

Hello to all,

Just thinking about to start a new thread about PWM amplifiers in general in every kind of form.
I recently saw some new developments on Class D and maybe its a challende for every DIY er to try for themselves to build one.
Ok, we all know about the pros and cons about class D amplifiers, but also do know that electronic components are getting better with higher switching frequencies.
The amount of webpages are increasing too on that subject, so food for thought...

HaaiFaai 24th November 2001 06:58 PM

Class D/ PWM amplifiers

Guess every one is busy recycling old JLH,Mosfet,Pass amps without trying some new technologies, for instance class D or other variations.
Wouldn't it be nice to finally design an amplifier which is not producing heat, but just amplifies the signal without too much hassle?
What about the technology Mr.Carver is using?
Or are we narrow minded just re-inventing the old class A,AB,B designs from 40 years ago..

arnach 24th November 2001 08:44 PM

So what?

Who cares?

This forum is going downhill..

-- Finley

Lisandro_P 25th November 2001 03:44 AM

Well, Class-A, besides the sonic benefits, has an aura of "mystique" i found very atractive :) OTOH, class-d is an interesting subject... i gotta research a bit on that topology.

GRollins 25th November 2001 03:53 AM

Class D amplifiers are efficient, but have never risen above mid-fi in sound quality. Since they slice and dice the signal, they are at their best with lower frequencies. Once you get into the midrange and upper frequencies...forget it.
If you're into light weight, efficiency, or quantity instead of quality, go for it, but if it's good sound you're after, you'll need a class A or AB design.


HaaiFaai 25th November 2001 03:59 AM

Class D reprise
So you can scrap the CD player aswell? It's also working in the digital domain...
According to the last statement(GRollins), only analog recordings are for real...(because they are not slicing)
Why using still the old prejustice against new technologies,because you read it somewhere? Is the solid state forum really going down hill?

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arnach 25th November 2001 05:00 AM


>> Why using still the old prejustice against new technologies,because you read it somewhere?

If you are looking for information, why do you keep trying to instigate an argument?

Have you listented to these amplifiers?

Or have you just read it somewhere? Obviously you have not read enough, as finding relevance between GRollins comment and CD players is pretty asanine.

The solidstate forum is going downhill because of people like.. oh forget it. Happy DIYing..

arnach 25th November 2001 05:03 AM


I just read over your posts, it's a conspiracy. I think you work for a company that produces these class-D, class-T parts, and your subduing your own intellect to promote them as a harmless DIYer.


HaaiFaai 25th November 2001 11:23 AM

Class D

No I am not working for such company, I give up trying to
see if there's a discussion possible.Obviously no one ever
tried to build such an amp.Ok I admit it wasn't the good way to start, but if in the solid state thread I only hear about bulky transformers, seeing most of the time the same questions. I also care about the good old class A/AB technology, so many things about those amplifiers are already known, so I was curious about other ways.

Sorry I didn't work out. (Sorry that I offend someone)

Geoff 25th November 2001 12:22 PM


Whilst I would agree with you that recently the overall forum content appears to have degenerated somewhat and that certain posts would be more appropriate at another Asylum, sorry forum, that shall remain anonymous, we should not denegrate those who hold alternative views however misguided these appear to be. Also, allowances must be made for those for whom English is not their first language and therefore perhaps appear to be argumentative when in fact they are seeking to open a debate.


You refer to predudice against new technology. This is probably not the case for the majority of people who visit this forum. We are looking for the best possible sound reproduction (within our own particular constraints such as cost) and if new technology can give us an improvement then we will embrace it wholeheartedly. However, I have yet to hear a Class-D amp that is anything other than, as Grey described it, mid-Fi. Improvements may be made in the future, but in the meantime I for one will stick to traditional forms of amplification. If the classic designs from 40 years ago are more pleasing to listen to than the modern high-tech circuits then these are the ones to use, though this depends upon whether ones hobby is the pursuit of aural pleasure or the satisfaction of owning the latest technology.


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