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adventfan 23rd August 2007 03:25 AM

my carver hr-752
HI hope someone can give me some insight to my problem when my receiver play for about 15 min on cd mode all of the sudden the left or right channel will cut in and out and .It seems to get worse as it get warm. .Any help would be great.

anatech 23rd August 2007 03:55 AM

Hi adventfan,
You really want to know?

Can you solder well? Here is what you do (before it blows the output stage).

Remove the bottom panel. Desolder all the parts connected to the heat sink. That should be outputs, drivers and bias transistors. Use a little solder flux (for electronics!) and clean the pads up with some solder wick. Clean the flux off the board when you are done this. Apply very little pressure on your iron tip so you do not damage the pads or traces. Allow the heat to do the work for you.

Inspect the component leads, you do not need to unmount them (I would prefer you didn't). Clean by scraping any oxidized leads, they should be bright, not dull.

Apply some more flux (a small amount) to the pads and leads. Resolder these connections without using too much solder. Your joint should look like a small shiny volcano with a lead sticking out.

Guess what's next? Yup, clean the excess flux off and look for solder shorts or cracked traces. Use a magnifying glass and you glasses if you use reading glasses. I do it this way.

If everything looks okay, you should be good to go. Do make sure you have a lead poking out of each connection, inspect through the top to make sure everything is in place. Take your time!!

Now, if you are not good at soldering, do not attempt this work. The person that does this must know what they are doing. I like these receivers. Nice sound and reliable once this problem is fixed. They were almost all like that. Did a TON of them under warranty.


adventfan 23rd August 2007 08:16 AM

Thanks for the reply.I had in to the repair shop twice and he said he did a bunch of sodering on it but it still does it . he played it for several hour and said it played fine of course just like taking a car in for repair. but do u think he missed something? other than what he did? I think the same thing as it get worse as it get warm. also i cleaned the pots

anatech 23rd August 2007 06:54 PM

Hi adventfan,
Yes, I think they missed something. Too bad I'm in Canada - I hate the border!

I wished you hadn't cleaned the pots. You can easily do more damage than good. The damage will not show up for a while.


adventfan 23rd August 2007 09:23 PM

Thanks for your insight i will take it back in and tell him to keep sodering.I hate to give up on this receiver when it does work the sound of it is top notch. I bought this a few months ago from e-bay and when i got it it was very dirty and smelled like a woodstove when i first turned it on so thats when i cleaned it up . anyways thanks again for your help:)

anatech 23rd August 2007 10:07 PM

Hi adventfan,
Is your tech an audio technician, or a TV and everything technician?

You can check this. Remove the top cover and play at a low volume. Tap the speaker relay with your finger or a plastic pen (plastic end!).


adventfan 24th August 2007 01:47 AM

Hi chris just took it back to the shop. he is a everything tech.The first time he had it he cleaned and resodered the pre and out board and also did it the second time. he's going to play it for a while to see if he can hear it .So hopefully three time will be a charm.I really like this receiver but really don't want to put tons of money into it .Ill keep you posted on how i make out with it. Again thank you for your input.

anatech 24th August 2007 02:45 AM

Hi adventfan,

he is a everything tech.
Not good. He may be a nice guy, but avoid in the future.


I really like this receiver but really don't want to put tons of money into it
Well, it's a nice set. You have already spent enough time without it.

Please call him up and have him check the speaker relay as I mentioned. If you can copy that post and email him, so much the better. I'm pretty sure it's the relay now.


adventfan 24th August 2007 03:49 AM

I wish i kept it for another day i could have tried it myself.But i will call him and ask him to try it you think he would have checked that out.Ihave a old kenwood kr-4070 hooked up now but for some reason it doesn't as good as the carver. Ill keep you posted on the out come but i have this feeling he might have it a while.:bawling:

anatech 24th August 2007 04:48 PM

Hi adventfan,

Ill keep you posted on the out come but i have this feeling he might have it a while.
I don't know why this would be. It's a quick test. I sure hope he knows what he is doing!


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