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yngwie 16th August 2007 03:13 AM

can't play stereo
Hi i recently built a sound system that has a quility preamp that fully works(tested). Then i have these 2 signals going into td1905's nothing special.
ok anyway
my problem is That when i connect the speakers theres a really load squeel. But if i remove one speaker then the other functions perfectly
As goes with the other speaker.. So it'll only let me play one at a time...Any idea's on what could be wrong cheers.

jaycee 16th August 2007 11:45 AM

Loud squeal is probably oscillation. Where do the grounds for your speaker terminals connect to? They should connect to your main star ground point - not on your amplifier pcb.

Do you have zobel networks on the amplifier output ?

You will need to describe things better I think... what circuit are you using as a preamp ? What power amp circuit are you using? How is your power supply set up?

yngwie 17th August 2007 05:05 AM

umm ok i have incoraparated all 3 curcuits onto one board.

The preamp is rod elliots audiophile's stereo preamp. the power supply is general +- 15V using 40watt torodial and its as far away from the preamp as possible and also is seperated by a grounded sheet.

Umm as for speaker ground that may be the problem. my speaker ground is going to preamp ground coz of convienice .. its all sitting on a metal plate for a chassis , so hopefully i'll put the terminals in a star with PT center tap and earth and it'll go away

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