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square_wave 30th May 2007 12:41 PM

AKSA amps
Have any of you guys out here assembled AKSA amps ?
The designs seem to attract lot of respect from the audiophile community. I have never come across even one negative comment about them.
This new design which is christened 'Lifeforce 55 / 100" is apparently his best effort so far and it is getting fantastic reviews all over. There are people who have upgraded to this amp from many a branded Audio jewelry.
I wanted to check on the thoughts about them by the DIY community in general.
Looking forward to your thoughts.

richie00boy 30th May 2007 12:51 PM

You didn't search then, despite checking that you had when you wrote your post ;)

lineup 30th May 2007 12:52 PM

Re: AKSA amps

Originally posted by square_wave

Have any of you guys out here assembled AKSA amps ?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Search for AKSA
There are considerably many topics!
form past years as well as from 2007.
With people posting very good reviews of Lifeforce

No doubt the Lifeforce Amplifier Kit,
designed by our friendly Hugh AKSA Dean from Australia
... is one the best Amplifiers he has done.

And he has done many, many through the years, published/unpublished.
He is a mature and real audio man - with focus on Da Musik :)

My Advice:
keyword: AKSA

Audio Regards
--- same generation as hugh :cool: the grown up generation :cool:
--- intitled to give a piece of good advice

destroyer X 30th May 2007 01:21 PM

Not more, nothing less than the best of the best amplifiers ever made
2 Attachment(s)

The cream of the cream.

Wonderfull, unbeatable sonics.

Here is something published about.... attached.

Here is the link to the page:



lineup 30th May 2007 01:56 PM

Re: Not more, nothing less than the best of the best amplifiers ever made

Originally posted by destroyer X

The cream of the cream.
Wonderfull, unbeatable sonics.
Here is the link to the page:

Glad to hear, you backup my opinion, Charlie Boy

My Opinion:
by logic and observation what others say
(for what this is worth,
I think, if your eyes + ears and logics are good,
you may come a long way,
seeing things from a sideview, less subjective perspective)

Carlos Opinion: Inside Information
... this brasilian amplifier lover has actually built and listened!

... and when he tells you this his conclusion
... you should know he built '1000 amps' and listened to as many

Warm here :) :) today
Up here we have a short summer ( 5-6 months without snow).
When our Trees & Grass turn springtimely freshly Green again:
This is really something!
Short but intense & precious, this is our summer period.

'You dont know what youve got ... until you lose it'
/John Lennon

lineup - knows about losing summer and miss it
- but sure as always, summer never let's you down
- be back as always, year after year
- In people we should not put our hope & trust,
... but we take comfort, cause we know: :cool: In Summer we can Trust :cool:

destroyer X 30th May 2007 04:04 PM

Lovely conversations still have enormous charm

Very kind and friendly.

1951 was a beautifull year.... many nice folks born in that year.

thank you,



lineup 31st May 2007 03:53 AM

by your words I can feel like this: :cloud9:
at least for a short while

You know we human kind of animals
... will not ever stay content and satisfied for very long
... to enjoy ... and be happy is a very difficult art
I do not know how is AKSA .. but in this respect,
I guess he is like most of us:
Looking for something else, for something better.
And better is often more and more :$: :$: :$:
and other death objects around your self


AKSA 31st May 2007 04:42 AM

Lineup, Carlos,

I'm rarely around here these days, although I do read the posts and appreciate the friendly comments, thank you both!

The problem is that I'm worked off my feet at present, and this forum has become the chosen arena for far too many highly academic arguments, which do nothing to improve real world amplifiers.

Essentially, after having a couple of messages ignored by a mod, I've given up, which I am assuming was the intention!! Too much time wasted anyway, so it's not so bad.

Cheers, enjoy the Swedish summer!! It's getting very cold here.... can't ride my bike in this weather, dammit......


square_wave 31st May 2007 05:43 AM

Thanks a lot.
You are a bunch of wonderful guys. Right now going through the pages the search has popped up.

Cheers to all of you.

jacco vermeulen 31st May 2007 06:04 AM


Originally posted by AKSA
can't ride my bike in this weather
Mr Dean,

time to write a book :
Baileys, and quality time maintenance on a motorcycle.

The Cream of the Cream

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