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Neil Davis 19th February 2013 11:17 PM

Passive Speaker Designer - Lite Beta 2
There's an updated version of the PSD-Lite program in the link below. It now includes a .NET version of Jeff Bagby's WBCD box modeling program, along with a splicing tool. It uses the same Benson model that Jeff used for WBCD, which is more accurate than other box modeling programs. It's got a totally re-written interface for the crossover design module, and I made the schematic options the same as what Jeff used in PCD, so it should be a bit more familiar to PCD users. It also imports CSP files so you can test it with existing PCD designs. And as with the previous version, you can model the bass boost circuit in plate amps and design Linkwitz Transform circuits.

It's got a lot of other changes--more Help files and ability to change colors as well as customize the charts. As in the previous Beta version, most of the values can be entered by scrolling with the mousewheel, so data entry can be very fast. With the box modeling tool, the program should be more fun to use.

There is a Response editor for modifying the FRD data that lets you view and change individual values and extract phase using an FFT-based algorithm. There are a couple of additional features still not implemented in the Response editor, but those will eventually get finished.

As before, it saves and loads the program state using an XML schema that is described in one of the help files. So it is a completely "open" format that can be used to exchange data with other loudspeaker design tools.

This program is a spin-off of a larger program (PSD), and it hasn't been tested much, so I apologize if anyone wastes time tripping over bugs and gets confused by things that aren't logically organized.

I'd appreciate any feedback that will help make this program more useful.


Mosquito 22nd February 2013 06:00 PM

Hi, such a big effort merits at least a comment
I've downloaded and installed the program, it runs w/o any issues on WIN7.
It looks promising, in my humble opinion , much better than using those darned Excell sheets...
Besides, there are a whole lot of real measured driver data(FRD/ZMD), accesible to load from within the program, and from external sources...
Must be interesting to add a conversion tool in order to turn *.txt saved data from Clio, Arta, etc , into the format the program digest..
Very nice and useful effort, thank You a lot!

tvrgeek 22nd February 2013 11:14 PM

I'll give it a run through. Sound easy is not exactlly easy!

tvrgeek 22nd February 2013 11:22 PM

Ah darn, it had to install .net. I just took that off a few weeks ago. :)

tvrgeek 22nd February 2013 11:27 PM

So far, reads my .zma from WooferTester and LIMP just fine. One H#!! of a lot easier than importing into Sound Easy! I need to go off and build some SPL files. I did not happen to have them on my desktop. I like the file preview for the imported file.

tvrgeek 22nd February 2013 11:39 PM

An idea for a future option is to work in metric or inch. All my driver data is metric.

tvrgeek 23rd February 2013 12:02 AM

So you know my perspective, I use Arta for HF measurements, LIMP justlearning if it is preferable to WTII, SoundEasy, WinISL, Edge, Pluse with Zelscope to find acoustic offsets, Xdir, WooferTester and TrueRTA for LF measurements as my "basic" kit along with several Excell sheets that have my default textbook crossovers: Zobel, BSC, and notch filters, and one that has piles of handy conversions. I find SoundEasy to be so complex, it is hard to get to the good stuff, but it does give SPL and phase, where ARTA is only SPL. So how to get an FRD with phase to import I am not sure right now without fighting my way through SE.

Neil Davis 23rd February 2013 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by tvrgeek (
An idea for a future option is to work in metric or inch. All my driver data is metric.

If you click on the units button--it should cycle through from English to metric.

Dang--I forgot that this version of the code doesn't have the boxes to enter the driver T-S data :o. I'll post another version in a day or two that has the "full" "Select Drivers" module. I had added the box modeler from the PSD code (the "full" version) but forgot that I had previously simplified the data entry module for the "Lite" version. Sorry about that.

Thanks for your comments and please keep them coming.

tvrgeek 23rd February 2013 11:35 AM

Super. Might mention, my favorite XML tool is Notepad++. Being a computer scientist that is neither a coder nor "modern" it makes sense of XML for an idiot like me.

I was wondering about that TS box. Anyone have a hint on an SPL + Phase MLS tool? Don't want to do an example with an expensive licensed one. LIMP will do the impedance + phase just fine.

tvrgeek 23rd February 2013 11:51 AM

I guess it is HOLM Impulse. WOW they now have a new users guide that gives you a hint how to use it, not just the very good theory section. That may change things for some folks.

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