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mabat 25th October 2012 08:55 AM

HOLMImpulse - Automated measurements
Hi everyone,

this is a tool for automated frequency response measurements via HOLMImpulse. I use HI quite a lot now (thank you Ask!) and got a bit annoyed with all the clicking and typing during the task as I don't have automatic turntable - all the walking from PC to loudspeaker and back again, setting gates, typing labels...

So I wrote this little AutoIt script that makes possible all this in a much more comfortable (and faster) manner.

Now it works this way:
- enter what you're going to measure (i.e. list of polars, name of the D.U.T., etc.)
- click a button, the measurement process will start
- after each measurement you have defined time to rotate the loudspeaker (or whatever), then the process continues without any need to go to the PC again
- after this is done, you have all the impulses in succesive measuring positions, named as you specified.


1) Measurement section is allways "A". Following measurements will be stored to the positions starting with the actual one (i.e. "Empty XX").

2) Start the script via AutoIt enviromnent or just simply run the compiled executable (autoHOLM.exe).

The parameters are:

> D.U.T label (Device Under Test)
A name of the device, you just measure - this will be in the measurement labels (and saved file names).

> Angle list
List of all the polars you want to take, separated by '/', e.g. 10/30/60.
This will be also in the labels. Otherwise just the count matters - it's the number of measurements.

> Gating
Optional auto setting for time window. Will be applied after each measurement.

> Pause
This is the time interval the script will wait between successive measurements. In seconds.

(You can change all the default values in the script source code)

3) Click "Measure!"
The measurement process will start (there is one waiting sequence at the beginning).


4) By clicking "Export" you can save all the measured data to specified folder. Just select the first measuring position you want to save in section "A" and click the button. All the measurements up to the first found as "Empty" will be exported in a predefined format as a frequency response file.

That's all!
It works for me but there can be issues with different platforms, etc., so if you encounter a problem and fix it in the source code, please let us know.


Source code | Executable (WinXP)

mabat 25th October 2012 08:59 AM

One more note:
HI must be of version "v1.4.2.0" and in English translation, because this is the label of it's main window that the script works with. For different versions you must change this in the source code (I didn't tried older versions).

mabat 25th October 2012 09:05 AM

And sorry for the Czech comments in the source code.

dudaindc 26th October 2012 05:27 PM

Nice idea!
Thanks - you just gave me tools to do similar things with other programs. :)

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