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Xample 22nd October 2009 11:14 PM

Question about X-Over Pro
Hi, I'm new to the forums =)

I'm building my first set of speakers. For the crossover network design I'm using X-Over Pro.

The speakers I'm gonna be using are:
Woofer: Dayton DA175-8
Mid: Dayton DA135-8
Tweeter: Tang Band 25-1719S

The problem is that the tweeter is rated at 4ohms while the other 2 drivers are 8ohm. My question is, Does X-Over Pro automatically compensate for that difference and add any component necessary to the network? If not, what can I do to correct that problem?

I know that finding a tweeter rated at 8ohms is the easiest solution, but I have tried the crossover network design with other tweeters and they where ether too difficult to crossover making the network too complex for my first build, out of budget or both.

Thawach 16th December 2009 11:01 PM

Oooh..a long time didn't come wow! i find the beautiful website. the first i think i click the other website to see:eek: xample the X-Over Pro can't do automatically compensate and add any component for the difference drivers. but you can do it by manaul.:)

Mega_Watts 28th December 2009 12:52 AM

Hi Xample, I use X-over pro, and suggest tou read the on screen help, Looking in 'Matching driver levels' . It will suggest L-Pads. Normanaly, the impedance of the driver is used for frequency calcs and the DC resistance is also used in the filter design.
You could try just editing the database of that tweeter you use from say 3.6R to 7.2R (R=ohms) or what ever, then compare component results. Hope this helped.

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