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jackinnj 17th July 2009 10:07 PM

LTSpice "World Tour"
Saw a link to this in an email from Linear:

Looks like it's free!

iko 19th July 2009 03:08 AM

Thank you!

jcx 19th July 2009 09:09 PM

anyone planning on attending?
now if we could just get at least one person per event to ask for "Save State/Load State" functionality starting from .TRAN analysis that would allow running a .AC analysis at operating points that cannot be reached by the DC solver

the .AC analysis cannot be complete when the DC operating point won't solve for capacitor charging currents or Vdrops across circuit inductances -"dynamic" state variables that .TRAN calculates, maintains and that are useful for more complete stability analysis when these dynamic states heavily modulate the gains of the nonlinear devices (transistors) in the sim

if the .AC could take the full saved dynamic state of the sim from a .TRAN it would allow small signal transfer function analysis of stability while the output for a audio amp was slewing, entering/leaving clipping/current limiting, at dynamically determined output currents with reactive loads...

the DC solver doesn't work at all for many of my high gain circuits where the .TRAN sims fine - I can get them started by various hacks like local feedback switches that reduce gain/remove internal positive feedback for DC op point calc and then open the switches to get to the full circuit which the .TRAN solver works with after a big settling transient from the switching – obviously the initial DC state is useless for even beginning AC analysis in these instances – and yes I have tried .IC/UIC Load/SaveBias, checked “save subcircuit node/current” ect. – the DC solver simply doesn’t work well enough with really high gain circuits

I have asked Mike a few times over the years for this functionality - maybe requests coming from several directions would get more attention

Eokboy 20th July 2009 07:42 AM

Thanks for the heads up

pjp 6th August 2009 12:31 PM

jackinnj, thanks for posting that!
I attended Mike's talk, and it was MOST impressive.

There was a little for everyone.
Beginners got a stunning demo of what LTSpice is capable of (LTSpice plots compared to Oscilloscope measurements), and advanced users got tips on how to exploit the strengths of the tool and what its limitations are (including a discussion of the math algorithms behind LTSpice).

Definitely recommend this to everyone.

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