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siliconray 13th March 2013 01:59 PM

Dual Channels nCore Enclosure Plan
Hello all,

I finished the dual channel nCore enclosure design after days of discussing with several DIYers. Specs are:

Dimension: WxDxH = 250x308x70
Power supply: SMPS400x2, or SMPS600x1
Audio Amp power: NC400x2
Power input: IEC
Audio input: XLRx2(16mm dia.), RCAx2 (8mm dia.)
Audio output: DINx4 (10mm dia)
Material: High quality aluminum alloy
Surface finish: silkscreen, sand blaster, hard anodized
Body color: black
Front panel color: Black or silver
Laser logo: Yes

I will make a small batch if there're 20pcs demands. There're already 8pcs pre ordered, so if there're 12 posts followed these nice cases will rock.

The price is about $90 w/o shipping, weight around 2kg. If no venting slot on top cover the price can be several $ lower.

The design:
front view

back view

front with cover open

back with cover open

top view

siliconray 19th March 2013 04:10 AM

Some member said they want to use SMPS1200 instead of 2xSMPS400. so I redesigned the enclosure for both configuration. DIYers can mount either one SMPS1200 or two SMPS400.

edbk 21st March 2013 09:45 AM


You're saying 2 x smps400 or 1 x smps600 and later 2 x smps400 or 1x smps1200.

Shouldnt that be 2x smps600 or 1x smps1200/400 as those are the usual powersupply options?

Can these be delivered all black with the laser engraved ncore logo as your previous monoblock offering?


siliconray 23rd March 2013 12:36 AM

I'm designing and gathering the feedbacks from DIYers. The final version is 2x400 or 1x1200. These enclosures can be ordered soon, probably next week. Of course it can go with all black with nCore logo, or any other logo or image you like. The first 20 orders have free service of engraving custom photos like this:

siliconray 26th March 2013 03:31 AM

Hi guys, the enclosures are under manufacturing. You can place the orders now:

RE2507-NC enclosure for 2 channels Hypex NC400 - Boards | Kits | Components | Modules | Tools

orders will be shipped within one week.

The front panel is black and a nCore logo will be laser engraved on it.

peterpan188 27th March 2013 04:25 PM

Will this fit 2xsmps600 and 2xnc400? Are the mounting holes compatible? Thanks

siliconray 28th March 2013 12:01 AM

the room is enough. no holes for 2x smps600, but it's not difficult to drill some holes on the bottom even by a hand driller.

AClarke 14th November 2013 05:37 AM

Fan-cooled RE2507-NC enclosure for dual NC400
At first, I ran the amplifier without a fan but decided that it was simply too hot for long-term reliability. Alan Moore of Moore Machine & Gear kindly offered to cut a hole in my case for free using his very expensive milling machine so that I could mount a 120mm computer fan. I was delighted that the case had ample room to mount the fan inside without contacting the amplifiers. I ran the fan at half its 12V DC rating using a spare 6V DC adapter which reduced the fan speed and noise. I tucked the adapter neatly into the front of the case. The hottest part of the case is now room temperature while other parts feel cold. The fan is barely audible at a 3-foot distance—a small price to pay for what I gained in lower temperatures & reliability:

Later, I reduced the fan noise even further by installing an Austrian-designed Noctua NF-S12A FLX fan. It isn't as pretty as the former fan with LED lights but I'll sacrifice lights & color for sound. When I mounted the Noctua fan, I realized that I could mount the protection grill inside the case instead of the outside for a cleaner look:

siliconray 14th November 2013 12:41 PM

Great Job! the second image is distorted...but the fan with color LED looks cool!

Did you measure the temperature after 1 hours working? If it's over heated, a new version with heatsink should be designed. I need more report before moving forward.

AClarke 14th November 2013 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by siliconray (
Did you measure the temperature after 1 hours working? If it's over heated, a new version with heatsink should be designed. I need more report before moving forward.

My only temperature measurement was with my hand. After running the amp at a medium to near-high sound level for 1 hour, I could not keep my finger on the NC400 transformer for more than 2 seconds. If one were to forgo using a fan, I would deem anything short of mounting a heatsink directly to the NC400 transformers to be insufficient. The heat simply would not be able to sufficiently conduct from the transformer, through the bottom of the NC400's circular aluminum heatsink since the printed circuit board isolates the transformer. When I put the palm of my hand on the bottom of the case directly below the NC400's, I would judge the temperature to be 140 - 150 deg. Fahrenheit. The ambient temperature of my room was about 70 F. With my fan, the bottom of the case drops to about 80 F and the remainder of the case matches the room's ambient temperature of 70 F. Even if additional passive heat sinks mounted on the sides of the case could drop the temperature on the bottom of the case, I feel confident that the NC400's transformers would be too hot to suit me. Since I am an audio purist, I appreciate not having to run a fan, but the Notcua NF-S12A FLX fan is sooooo... quiet that my purist sensitivities are completely satisfied as well as my appreciation for a cool-running amp and the subsequent extended lifespan of the electrical components—especially the electrolytic capacitors. If you want to make any changes to your case, you could offer two versions of the top cover: one with a hole to accommodate a 120mm fan and one without. My guess is that the fan version would outsell the non-fan version, especially due to the high number of LED illuminated fans available and human vanity. Do a Google image search for "enermax led fan" and you'll see what I mean. Aside from the cooling issue, I am completely satisfied with your case. The machining and black anodized finish is excellent and my fan cleared the top of the NC400 amps when I mounted the fan & protective grill INSIDE the case!

P.S. I put silicone heatsink paste on the bottom of the NC400's before I screwed them to the chassis.

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