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siliconray 28th December 2011 02:26 PM

Tube(6N8P/6SN7) + MOSFET Hybrid Hifi Amplifier Kit/Board
Tube (6N8P/6SN7) + MOSFET Hifi Audio Amplifier Board

This is the second version of 6N8P/6SN7 + mosfet hybrid audio amplifier. The performance is far better than the first version (thanks the help of Kenpeter), THD drops from 0.3% to 0.08%. It is powered by 250VDC, 6.3V AC and 15 to 22V DC, Max output power is 10W on 8Ohm.


Blank PCB

Assemblyed board

siliconray 29th December 2011 08:52 AM

PSU is under development. The following PSU is suggested for low voltage power supply:

Hi-end power supply board with speaker protecting

siliconray 2nd January 2012 01:22 AM

Suggest high voltage power supply
This Universal Power Supply Board For Tube Amplifier can be used as high voltage power supply of this amplifier. Blank PCB is free.

siliconray 4th January 2012 02:25 AM

Part List:

Designator Description Value
C1 Capacitor 0.1u/400V
C2 Electrolytic 330u/450V
C3 Capacitor 0.47u/330V
C4 Capacitor 220p
C8 Capacitor 1u/330V
C11 Electrolytic 6800u/35V
C12 Capacitor 0.1u/50V
C13 Electrolytic 6800u/35V
C14 Capacitor 0.1u/50V
C15 Electrolytic 330u/400V
C16 Electrolytic 47u/250V
D1 Zener Diode 9V-12V
F1 Fuse 3A
FB1 Ferry Bead
J1 Header, 2-Pin 250V Input
J2 Header, 2-Pin Audio In
J3 Header, 2-Pin Filament Power
J4 Header, 2-Pin Speaker
J5 Header, 3-Pin Solid State Power
Q1 N-Channel MOSFET IRFP240
Q2 P-Channel MOSFET IRFP9240
Q3 PNP Bipolar Transistor BC560
R1 Resistor 100k
R2 Resistor 4.7K
R3 Resistor 200k
R4 Resistor 200k
R5 Resistor 2.2k
R6 Resistor 470
R7 Resistor 100k
R8 Resistor 220
R9 Resistor 1.5k
R10 Resistor 1.5k
R11 Resistor 0.2/5W
R12 Resistor 0.2/5W
R13 Resistor 220
T1 Vaccum Tube 6N8P, 6SN7
VR1 Potentiometer 100k

ashbytub 22nd June 2012 08:48 AM

Going to make regulated power supply from
TVR 6V6 Variable Tube Voltage Regulator Bare PCB 180-450V (6V6 12AX7) | eBay

I am going to get 5 more P.C. board and rebuild into
THE AUDIO CYCLOPEDIA 2 edition section 21 power supplies page 1164 + 450V power
V2 IS 6AS7
V4 IS 6SL7
I am going to get 5 more P.C. board and rebuild into
The final design of the boards are 4 boards the + 225V power supply TEC 514 scope.
With V209 a 6SJ7 or 6SF5 V3.
With V210 6AS7 or 12B4-A V2.
With V208 12AX7 V4.
got anybody can make a P.C. BOARD,

siliconray 25th June 2012 01:49 AM

If you already have the desigh, just make it at

ashbytub 23rd July 2012 06:12 PM

TUBE (6N8P) + MOSFET Hybrid HiFi Audio Amplifier SA-07
Tube (6N8P) + MOSFET Hybrid HiFi Audio Amplifier SA-07
How much power produced?"
Can the output be change to produce 30W 4 ohm?
What hte cost of board all parts?
I have e-mailed the FIRM no responce.

soundnovice 13th January 2013 01:09 PM

listening impression from the builders?
are there any reviews from the builders of this amp?

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