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badger 7th January 2002 05:23 PM

how loud do i need to go
i aboout to make a bass cab for my amp, i want to make a 4x10" cab my amp is 160watt how loud should my speakers be and what make and model should i use

subwo1 7th January 2002 05:30 PM

Do you mean 4'X10". How deep is the cabinet?

badger 7th January 2002 05:35 PM

yeah, i dunno the measurements yet i'm still working it all out


GRollins 7th January 2002 06:37 PM

Are we talking about a bass guitar cabinet (as opposed to a subwoofer)? The requirements are entirely different.
(For those who are accustomed to hi-fi nomenclature, 4x10" means four 10" drivers in one cabinet in guitar-speak.)
Bass 10" drivers don't really go all that deep. You'll be looking at a measured low end of about -3dB at 70 to 100Hz. Even 12" and 15" drivers have a hard time getting down to 40-50Hz in a manner that is in any way related to flat in the hi-fi sense.
Asking how loud the drivers should be is a semantically null question. Back up and consider what you're looking for. Loud or low? (Or portable, assuming this is a bass cabinet.) You can't have all three. Something's got to give.


badger 8th January 2002 01:58 AM

yes a bass guitar cab, sorry i forgot to put that down. i have 15" cab and i have just made a 18" 4th order bandpass sub, which sounds sweet and fat with a hell of a lot of bass, i'm looking for more at low mid- mid for this cab, as to portable, as long as i fit it through the door its fine, if anyone who has built one or seen something on the net which could help me let me know.

GRollins 8th January 2002 02:22 AM

Don't worry about it, I know the lingo...been playing bass for about 30 years now.
Your best bet is to go play through some cabinets and decide on a tone that you like--preferably using your head, not whatever's on top of the stack. Then find out what kind of drivers are in the cabinet. Many manufacturers use OEM drivers that are much cheaper than the Big Names. You might save some money that way.
The tone you'll get is going to be much, much more variable than what'd you'd get in the hi-fi world where the goal is neutrality. Musical instrument drivers are designed to break up, to distort in particular ways, leading to house sounds (JBL, Jensen, etc.) that people crave.
Don't waste your time on cabinetry until you've settled on a driver.


badger 8th January 2002 07:24 PM

i been playing different cabs in shops the one i probably most impressed with was a warwick 4x10 cab, that had 300watt eminence speakers and a high frequency driver, i don't know what type. what are peoples thoughts about them, any good

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