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bloozestringer 31st October 2006 02:10 AM

PS Help
I've been playing around with PSUD a little trying to learn it and have this PSU design for a 5965 Darling amp I'm in the process of building. I have most everything except the iron. This is using a Hammond 270DAZ and I haven't been able to get the DCR for this from Hammond so it's just a guess. All the PS parts I put in because that is what I have. BTW, I also have another Hammond 158M choke, FWIW. If anyone could make a few suggestions I'd sure appreciate it.

sorenj07 31st October 2006 02:19 AM

first off, i'd really watch out with the 33uF cap right after the 5Y3GT. the datasheet i looked at stipulates a "design center" of 20uF. what voltage do you need for the darling? what is the hum as it stands? what's the voltage across that 2.7K resistor, and what power does it need to tolerate? if you already have all the parts that's cool, but a choke-input power supply would probably have better regulation :(. one way to approximate the voltage of a hammond transformer (i've found) is to multiply the output voltage by your house AC divided by 115. they run hot. then just put in whatever current it puts out, and maybe like 3-4% on the regulation.

bloozestringer 31st October 2006 02:27 AM

I'm looking to have 270V B+ to the 1626's and 250V to the 5965's. I've seen and heard several Darlings using 5Y3's with as high as 47uF caps, although I don't know what the max is as the data sheets I've seen just show the typical use specs.

I'm reluctant to spend a ton on the PS for this amp due to the fact that it was never really designed to be expensive.

bloozestringer 7th November 2006 11:48 PM

Another PS using the same chokes
Here's another PS design that my friend and I have been thinking about. Same chokes. Any comments or suggestions would be great. The power trannie in this version is a Hammond 273X.

sorenj07 8th November 2006 12:10 AM

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