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destroyer X 15th December 2012 12:02 PM

Dx Supply, output adjustable, stabilized power supply
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Now in unit (prototype) already assembled and tested, and a pcboard layout starting to be developed.

Juan Vargas and other folks may help producing decent layouts using software.

It uses three output pairs (not shown in the schematic), able to 150 watts each rail (easy), stabilized within 2.5% .

This depends on your transformer power, of magic allowable here, it is an analogue supply.

It was made (the style, the frame, the idea, the topology) down the seventies by Ampex to power 2 inches tape video tape recorders..also used by Sony and others.

A very good, very simple, very reliable supply i am using since the seventies.

I have build several and worked together HAM transceivers sucking 340 watts of power from the mains.... delivering 13.8 volts and 22 amperes in the output with wonderfull regulation to SSB transmitters.

The speed of the reaction into the error amplifier is adjustable by a single electrolitic can have it fast or slow decay of voltage...quick reaction or not, depending your class A amplifier you do not need all that quick response as current does not variates too much.. 50 percent to 100 percent only..when other amplifiers goes from 10 percent to 100 percent of consumption.

Many units assembled..never had a single works, is reliable and you can adjust your output voltage from the zener diode used (usually one third of the output maximum output voltage, to the supply maximum output our case is more or less 14 to 43 volts.

You adjust your output using two separated potentiometers..this way you can adjust the output voltage the way you want having two supplies...and you can use one, or other or two of them same time (symetrical)

It saves electrolitic condenser capacity because use a modified (Dx Patent 0000000 registered in the book 0000, page 0000, line 0000) capacitance multiplier.

A video about:

Dx Supply - Home board will be prepared - YouTube



destroyer X 15th December 2012 12:31 PM

Something more about this supply.
Dx Super A - Dx Voltage regulator - YouTube

Here in portuguese only:

Fonte Dx tá pronta sim - YouTube



destroyer X 15th December 2012 12:44 PM

A little bit more comments
I will explain how it works soon.

Now i gonna work to build and test the new pcboard.

Dx Supply more comments - YouTube



destroyer X 15th December 2012 01:08 PM

This is very helpfull, for instance
You want to build a Class A power amplifier that needs 22 plus 22 volts DC... and you already have a 56 plus 56V supply, rectified and filtered...then you enter this DC voltage after the rectifiers, into the DC input section, and adjust to the voltage you want.

Much better if you have a power transformer measuring 40 plus 40 volts AC..then you can plug this AC voltage directly into the diodes and will have an adjustable power supply able to go from 15 to almost 56 volts each rail.

You can adjust and ready to go!... so, having such kind of thing you gonna be able to test an amplifier you build, using your laboratory supply, and then you gonna decide if you will buy a dedicated transformer or not...knowing the amplifier deserves that or not.



destroyer X 15th December 2012 07:14 PM

I have prepared the second prototype pcboard
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This one a reference to Juan prepare the official pcboard layout.

14 cm by 8.5 centimeters are dimensions.



destroyer X 16th December 2012 06:22 AM

If the world does not end on December 21, so next year i will release
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The Dx DIY Laboratory Supply.

It will have short circuit protection and adjust to almost zero volts.

Here you see the scratch, or sketch, i will develop starting from this circuit.

Of course will be much more sophisticated..this is only the skeleton, the basic topology, the main be developed by the "Dx Corporation world audiophile union center laboratories from Brazil headquarters"..... ahahahahaha!

but first hold on that idea to destruct the world...people must try to be better to develop the human race...the way it is going, with selfish and way to have this world the way it is...will be erase and deleted and will start from the beginning once again alike Noah arc.

21 of december, just in case, i will go to the mountains..will do that 20 of December.... just in case as i said....Maya, Jews and Hindu...all them saying things about that date...well.... i will be 2000 meters above the sea level..... just in case.

No lo credo em bruxas, pero que lay hay ... hay!

I do not believe in ghost, but they exist..for sure they exist!

The ones that are reading uncle charlie maybe can do the gonna populate the new world.... Dx Corporation will continue to feed the whole world with nice diy circuits.



destroyer X 16th December 2012 07:09 AM

The supply home made pcboard will be assembled
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destroyer X 16th December 2012 12:22 PM

Dx Supply - Building
Here you have it.



destroyer X 16th December 2012 04:21 PM

It is looking good..considering was etched at home
and painted using nail polish...hehehhehe.... to result pretty was a miracle!

Dx Power Supply - Prototype assembled. - YouTube

It is only a prototype... Juan is making professional look pcboards....already doing it.



destroyer X 19th December 2012 01:15 PM

Juan is preparing the layout
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Here you have the first study about.



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