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wilkes5 4th December 2012 11:06 PM

Car Amp Power Supply
Want to construct a power supply to power a car amp with 7 internal boards, 6 x 150 rms and 1 x 1400 rms bridged. Can someone show me a schematic which is easy to build/understand. Can such power supply be built without a custom printed circuit board (maybe a perfboard and hand wiring the components together?

would like an "all in one" amp to power highs/midrange/midbass/subwoofers. have already puchased the 6 boards, and each has it's own power supply. HOWEVER, would want to build a huge power supply to power the 6 boards (bypassing the power supply on the 6 boards) and have the huge power supply also power a mono board for the subs rated at 1400 rms.

"Power supplies are the easiest part to build, problem comes in when you start factoring in size and heat. The key for a power supply is having something that can supply the needed power for short burst and long term. If you allow me to make one the size of a shoe box, I can build one that will more than enough for anything you want. Try selling that for some one in a Honda Civic. so manufacturers make them very small, then you run into problems with heat. Heat is your killer.

The chips for the audio section audio have been around for ages, they are not very large and have been designed to be mounted for heat dissipation.

Back many years ago I had a very nice Kenwood home amp, it use 63 volts DC on each chip for the power section. the final stage IC's were no larger that wide pack of gum mounted on a large aluminium block. The amp was very heavy, all power supply, transformers.

I use a lot of 24 power supplies for my job, very high current, very heavy, very stable. The transformer is most of the weight.

If you want to build a better system than whats on the market, as you pointed out, the chips are there. But you need to get power to them in a better manner than the manufacturers do, They have to cut corners to make it fit, you don't have to."

shoe box!!!

found a schematics
Switchmode Power Supply For Car Audio
High Current 13.8V Power Supply
but not sure how much power each can put out?

MarianB 5th December 2012 06:19 AM

Everybody want to built an SMPS, they are so nice and cosy, and small too, and they are sooo easy to built...anyone can make them... sorry for the ironic tone but i see so many topiks about SMPS building be they ofline or not, everyone want to build them cus they are cheaper and smaller, so what if we have no ideea of how Switching PSU work? we can always ask arround people so why bother reading about it when others can make the hard work for us?, but no a SMPS is never easy to built!!! Theyr entire string of advantages comes with much more complexity than most people realise, so people stop beying so lasy and start reading, the books don't bite you know?...

To be on topik...@wilkes5 do you even know what cind of audio amplifier you need to power? cus one reads your post without understanding much of it... so what is the audio amplifier you need to power, what VA ratings does it require, be more specific or you'l be ignored.

wilkes5 5th December 2012 06:22 PM

have no idea. changed the post to maybe be more clear. the guy which is quoted in the post made it sound really easy to build, not as easy as he makes it sound? your view and his view, different?

want a car audio amplifier. Is the SMPS supply different from the "shoebox" the guy is talking about?

rikkitikkitavi 5th December 2012 06:40 PM

Here is a beginning.
Not the best, but a start:
Switchmode Power Supply For Car Audio
It has been thoroughly discussed on this forum aswell, there is a megathread somewhere.

wilkes5 5th December 2012 06:50 PM

will it have enough power?

DigitalJunkie 5th December 2012 06:56 PM

^No,Not as shown.

Building a 2300W SMPS isn't going to be easy,especially if you've never built a SMPS before. That's a lot of power,and a big supply. I don't want to say it's impossible for someone with no SMPS experience,but,it's pretty close.

MarianB 5th December 2012 07:04 PM

@wilkes5 look at it this way, you want a total audio power of 2300W, for class B power amplifier you will need an PSU of about 3,5Kw, and as the power is drawn from a car battery, this means that over 200Amps will be needed for 12v, now as you have so little knowledge of SMPS, i really hope you will change your mind, it is an insane amount of power and only a well experianced technician will be able to do it properly.

wilkes5 5th December 2012 07:20 PM

even if the amp was fed power straight from an EV battery pack? is seems 200Amps sounds like an EV battery pack. currently working on a EV car also. maybe luck, maybe coincidence?

wilkes5 6th December 2012 03:48 AM


Originally Posted by DigitalJunkie (
^No,Not as shown.

Building a 2300W SMPS isn't going to be easy,especially if you've never built a SMPS before. close.

can you just double the values of everything in the schematic?

wilkes5 6th December 2012 03:54 AM


Originally Posted by MarianB (
@wilkes5 look at it this way, you want a total audio power of 2300W, for class B power amplifier you will need an PSU of about 3,5Kw, .

the six boards are from Lazer Industries (the first one on the page)car-audio-amplifier-pcb. not sure what class amp it is considered. however, would want the 1400 x 1 channel to be class D right (have been told class D's are the only way to get big power from small supplies (car 12v battery)). so, mixing classes on the same power supply won't work?

please stick with me MarianB, learning lots. but always, always pray for what is right

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