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johnyradio 8th June 2012 11:07 AM

How to Configure Audio Input as Power Switch?
Can someone provide wiring instructions for making the audio input cable do double-duty as a power switch, such that when the audio line input is unplugged, the power to the amplifier is disconnected.

It's a battery system, no high-voltage AC house current involved.

The audio input is a stereo cable connected to a stereo mp3 player, combined into the mono amplifier input, with 5K or 10k resistors on the Left and Right conductors just before they are combined at the amp input, to protect the mp3 outputs from driving each other.

I realize this configuration might not lend itself to power-disconnect on unplugging the mp3.


KatieandDad 8th June 2012 11:11 AM

You need an audio socket with an independant switch. Most of them have an integral switch that can't be used for power switching (without complex circuitry).

One way to do it is to use two sockets. One for the audio input and the other as just the switch.

You would need to carry around a dummy plug to operate the second socket which may be defeating the object.

If the current is low there is one trick that you could try:

1. Obtain a single pole touch switch (similar to those used in VCRs behind the front panel switches)

2. Gently shave the end off of a standard stereo socket until you can attach the touch switch to the end of the socket so, when the plug is inserted it makes the switch.

iamtheonlystevo 8th June 2012 03:37 PM

Here's an article from a guy who used signal sensing circuitry to power on his gainclone when his pc turned on. Might find something useful in there

A Gainclone for the PC Age

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