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CrashHouse 17th March 2012 12:58 AM

SMPS300R or SMPS500R for UCD400

I want to built two Hypex UCD400 monoblocks. Do I have to use 2 x SPMS500R or can I use 2 x Connexelectronic SMPS300R units. On the Hifimediy site it says it can deliver 400W peak power. It will save me $40.00.


luka 17th March 2012 04:33 AM

depends, if you will run amp at full power, or use it for more or less its peak power, for things like kick drums. if you would plan to drive sine, rap and similar type of music, 500 would be better

the way I see it, 40$ is not a lot, since you already have amps that were far more then 40$... I think I would somehow find those 40$ and for that have a lot more power, in case you would need it and to run things cooler

Cristi 21st March 2012 12:20 PM

Altought the SMPS300R can deliver ~400W peak power, you must consider that the UCD400 amplifier can deliver a higher peak power than the rated power, ~500W if supplied accordingly. Then with an estimate worse case efficiency value of 90% that means a 550W power required. The dynamic will suffer if used a high volume and the sound quality might not be up to expectations. Thus the power supply power rating should be at least equal with the amplifier power rating.

thommy 3rd August 2015 03:49 PM

I am thinking of buying the same supplies to use with some UcD400 HG modules.

The consumption of these modules when driven hard can be 400w + peaks on a 4 ohm load, but it is unlikely to find that impedance in a pair of home hifi speakers, 8 ohm is more common and therefore consumption is going to be more like 250w + peaks.

This means that the SMPS300R with it's peak output of 400w should be more than enough to drive a single UcD400 HG with an 8 ohm load.

Am I wrong?

nigelwright7557 7th August 2015 09:44 PM

With normal music levels the amp is unlikely to take the full power specified.
Normal music levels take less than a pure sine wave.
However if you push into clipping it will quickly demand more than the specified power.

Bare 7th August 2015 11:05 PM

Dunno.. there have been more than a Few reports of Poor experiences with the Connex smps contraptions.
Search :-)
Feeling Lucky?

Cristi 13th August 2015 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Bare (
Dunno.. there have been more than a Few reports of Poor experiences with the Connex smps contraptions.
Search :-)
Feeling Lucky?

Its already obvious that you carry huge amount of hate towards all Chinese sellers, in which category you throw me as well, although I am NOT Chinese and our standards are far better than their. Does the repeated poor experiences with those sellers makes you think that all what comes from this side of the world it must be a junk ? Is really not my fault that you were greedy to catch the deal for $.99 including shipping and you only got what your money could buy. Leaving the fact that you also make lobby for competition, did you personally ever had any negative experience with connexelectronic ? facts with date, order # and detailed description would be appreciated not fragments picked-up from whatever others dropped. Otherwise legal actions can be taken against anyone who slander as you quite often do. Hiding behind a nickname won't help you if you continue this behavior.
Few reports from how many thousands of orders ? Those who are satisfied doesn't bother to write anything while those who aren't won't miss the chance to do it, several times not once. And you verified their stories and you're sure they are all 100% right ?

Bare 13th August 2015 03:25 PM

Ohhh impinging on Sales possibilities Perchance?
Most if Not ALL Computer SMPS power supplies are Fabrique en Chine... in their Millions!
Typically Prices range around and often Well below some crappy Connex gizmo as bonus.
Few if Any have problems with their PC Smps units.
In fact None of Mine have even sputtered let alone failed.
As for Distrust of Chi Fi ? :-) Absolutely!
Have (shamefully) bought Lepais, all 3 died within Hours of use.
Bought 'Guaranteed' Genuine Ta2020 Tripath chips.. from another Euro 'Name': Arjen Helder.
Paid a premuim for the real mccoys as well.
Really poor quality .. Fakes.. were deliverd and Emails went unaswered.
Caveat Emptor Kids..

Cristi 13th August 2015 04:13 PM

I can't see where you have listed any of the Connexelectronic products in your list of crappy chi-fi purchases. If there isn't at least one, and your assumptions are based on geographic location only that means that what you're doing is just cheap trolling.
When someone complains that absolutely all the products which he bought are crap, nothing can satisfy his expectations, the problem might lie not in the products themselves, but in the selection criteria (price) and the way how they are (ab)used.

Regarding Arjen I have said what I had to say 6-7 years ago. He did nothing more than what the current Chinese fleabeyer or talibabayer does. While pretending that he was the designer he was reselling junk bought on taobao for 2-5x the price.

Regarding me, some well known brand names who sell amps and speakers, including one from Canada use my design skills and expertise. and their products are sold for 4 to 5 figure amounts. Your comments are affecting my sales as much as a typhoon in Nicaragua does. Especially on a forum where the first selection criteria is price then the second is, price...

Youcunt how many years passed since I started the business, then evolved to what are we now and count how many years could survive some other small companies which started from the same level and where are they now...

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