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kees52 3rd January 2012 07:06 PM

smps for hybride
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Hi All

First happy newyear.

I have a plan to make a SMPS for the hybride, contains 2x 140 volt 300mA differential 1 x 450 volt 100 mA and 6.3 volt 10 Amp. Maybe in future also 2 x 60 volt 5 Amp.

What I can use best, it can be maybe not easy because of high switchoff induction for driver mosfets, but can snubber that.

I want to use simpel, because some people here make supply,s so complicated that is not nessesary with modern pwm ic.

some examples in pictures, shema.gif is a weld converter for the ones who need a lot power.

So what kind of smps I need, flyback, bridged, half bridge.

I have also a idea to use the power trafo of the mosfets stage, it is 60 volt 5 amp, and make a converter who has 24 80 volt input and the tube voltages as output.


Th3 uN1Qu3 3rd January 2012 07:25 PM

Since you need high voltage at relatively low current, flyback would be best.

kees52 3rd January 2012 07:32 PM

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Originally Posted by Th3 uN1Qu3 (
Since you need high voltage at relatively low current, flyback would be best.

I think then these one on picture is best and simple.

for also the 60 volt x 2 and 5 ampere extra then I need a bridge one? but can these also deliver high voltage without problems.


kees52 4th January 2012 12:54 AM

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I have made a schematic as example, I can not simulate it with multisim.
Oke, I have use a two mosfet switch for less voltagestress for mosfets I have
high output voltage.

I know there are more things to do like ntc and such.

Let me now what toughts.


kees52 4th January 2012 08:37 PM

very nice site of a guy who torture a switching supply he build.

3 to 60 volts 40 ampere.

if you see it then you think, do that work?

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