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scottericsonon 10th June 2008 02:29 PM

power supply help :how to sum voltages on a trans
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im just getting started building tube stuff and have run into a problem with a transformer i was hoping to use

this is non-audio but it shouldnt make a difference right??

i'm hoping to build a RF amplifier <i have a ham radio license> with a pair of 6146B tubes

the tranny i have came out of a junk radio running the same tubes so i know it is capable but not sure how to get the voltages i need

it has 2 110V primarys bridged together and secondaries that are as listed running down the oppisite side of the trans..
ill list them just as they are listed on the trans



E 0






on the same side as the primaries i also have a 6.3V for the heaters

i need 650v 150mA

and 180V out of this thing to run my 2 tubes as shown on my P/S schematic

no i KNOW it is capable of it since as i said it came out of a radio that ran 2 of the same tubes

how to i go about summing the voltage out of different taps to get the numbers i need??thanx for the help


mindutis 10th June 2008 02:43 PM

It is not possible, because the amperage will not be summed if you'll connect voltage in series. You will get the lowest value - 20mA, and the 650V.

scottericsonon 10th June 2008 03:03 PM

well how did they do it in the radio originally then??

the transformer came out of a kenwood T-599 that ran the same tubes as what i'd like to use

im so very confused lol

scottericsonon 16th June 2008 11:19 PM

anybody else??

as i said this trans came out of a radio that ran the same tubes......

how did they get away with running them there??

no i dont have a schematic for the original radio

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