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jkeny 10th February 2008 02:04 PM

Variable Voltage Volume control
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I'm looking to replace the output stage PS with Battery supply on a Panasonic SA_XR57 amplifier as I believe the quality of the PS is the most important sonic determiner in these non-feedback equibit digital amplifiers.

The volume control in these amps is firstly through DSP & then through PS voltage reduction, I believe.

My hope would be to try and tie the battery PS to this scheme! Has anybody any idea on this?

Or what is needed to provide a separate variable voltage PS supply controlled from a potentiometer?

I have included the schematic of the existing Vol controlled (Circled) PS

jkeny 10th February 2008 02:06 PM

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Second Part of PS

jkeny 10th February 2008 05:11 PM

Thinking about this further, I suppose my request boils down to asking how do I implement a circuit to allow variable regulation of 48V DC from a battery source - rather than the thread title?

jan.didden 10th February 2008 07:48 PM

It's possible - anything is possible. You can design a variable output voltage supply, actually two of them, one pos, one neg, controlled by a dual pot. Most of the advantage of the batt supply would disappear with the reg between battery and circuit, of course. You would need a lot of heatsinking for those situations where you would turn the supply down - the reg should dissipate all unused voltage times the drawn current.
In your switched amp that was easy because the supply was also switched. Anyway, as I said, it can be done.

Or you can just use the volume control. It's a matter of priorities ;)

Jan Didden

jkeny 10th February 2008 09:13 PM

Ok Jan,
So the battery is meaningless in this scenario! So best to try improve this SMPS! Added capacitance on the output will probably help! Do you have any suggestions for further improvement.

Don't know what you mean by

Or you can just use the volume control
the existing volume is digital from -72 to -40db , then voltage-based volume from -40 to -10db ( 5V to 40V ) , and then digital again from -10 to 0db

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