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Pierre 4th May 2007 10:43 AM

Terminals for 12V DC/DC input
Hello all.
Does anyone know where to get high current terminals for PCB for the input of a 12V DC/DC converter to +/-60V? I am looking for something around 60A capable, for ring-terminal ended wirers, or screw terminals for fixing the bare wire ends.
Any source?


AndrewT 4th May 2007 12:45 PM

60Apk through PCB traces is asking a lot.

Maybe you could consider hardwiring the high current side?

N-Channel 5th May 2007 02:31 AM

H Pierre,

Haven't checked in for a wile, but here goes: When I did the RKV Car amp in 1991-1992, the DC-DC Converter board had thick traces for the 12V primary side. However, these were augmented by stripping the insulation off of #18 magnet wire, and incorporating them into the trace. The trick was this: After mounting the snap-mount electrolytics, bend some of the wire around the terminal jutting through the foil side of the board, before soldering the cap into place (and snipping off excess terminal stud). Carefully run the now-bare #18 Cu. wire along the high-current trace to its destination, and fasten it likewise at that end, too. When time comes for soldering it into place, ALOT of solder will be used, but it will then be "embedded", if you will onto the trace, thus enabling thepassage ofhigh currents without the voltage drop. If you go to AudioExpress' website, you might find a picture of it.

If done right, it looks nice, but if done sloppily, it can turn out to be a real mess, so proceed with caution.

Hope this helps,



poobah 5th May 2007 04:59 AM


Check Phoenix Contact... based in Germany. They have cage clamp terminal blocks that should work for you.

Look at the MKDSP 10 & MKDSP 25 familes of parts, I'll bet they have a French website


ssanmor 8th May 2007 07:11 AM

We also recommend the trick of using some wires, such as the capacitor leads bent to the tracks, to reinforce high-current handling traces (12V connection to the transformer center tap, from primary ends to mosfets drains, and from mosfet sources to GND)
As for the input terminals, you can also use a kind of standoffs that are soldered to the PCB (with 4 or more pins) and have a screw on the top (all metal), I think you can find them at Keystone.

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