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planet10 6th August 2004 05:35 PM

planet_10 hifi
24-aug-09: my original thread from the Vendor's Bazaar for historical purposes. dave

planet_10 hifi is me doing a little bit to help supply the diy community.

updated: 21_august_2006

News: The Frugel-Horn project has progressed to the point where we are now putting together the 1st flat-paks for those without the facility to cut the parts themselves. Assembly will not require much more than some glue & packing/masking tape & a screwdriver (plus whatever finish you decide). More information at

Most of my trade is currently coming from recycling vintage hifi on eBay -- predominantly speaker drivers, but anything i can find that is interesting -- where i live is a fairly good area for mining old hifi. I keep a running list of what is up & has recently happened at: Mining for the good stuff also leaves me with a large quantity of speakers & bits (ie tube amp chassis/iron) that i don't put up for auction but are available for sale.

As well as this I am selling some items manufactured (or designed) locally -- wooden phase plugs, select speakers -- so far the CSS drivers, modified Fostex FE126e & FE127e, Visaton B200 (stock & modified), select others , and custom loudspeaker enclosures. This product line is slowly expanding.

For the Fostex FE-103/108. RadioShack 40-1197 and other speakers with about a 19mm voice coil such as the FE103A. A slightly smaller version has been done for the Coral versions of the 103A, for the Radio Shack 40-1354 and Fostex FE166/167 (and other drivers with similar voice coil) and for FE206/207. Most recent addiitons are special plugs for the Visaton B200, Fostex FE108eS, and in prototype for the Fostex FE206esR.

Standard phase plugs come in black (to match dark cones or contrast light ones) and in Yellow Cedar (to match light cones or contrast dark ones)

The central spot for information is my new planet_10 hifi website, which besides having product information will also have a growing amount of other useful information.

Dave Dlugos
/aka planet10

Note: planet_10 hifi is also the primary sponsor for my hobby hifi-site below

planet10 6th August 2004 05:55 PM

An example of one of the custom speaker enclosures we have done (as often as not cabinets are unfinished so the client can do the finishing / save money)

karma 6th August 2004 06:11 PM

dave how much for 4 wooden phase plugs?

i would like to try some:D

planet10 6th August 2004 06:27 PM


Originally posted by karma
how much for 4 wooden phase plugs?
I've sent you private mail, but for general knowledge, they are $20 CAD/pr ($15 USD) + $2 CAD post ($3 USD to the states/ or $4.50 Air -- $5.50 Air/$4 surface for other countries). 2 pair travel for the same price as a single pair.


karma 6th August 2004 06:32 PM

got it thanks:)

woody 6th August 2004 07:47 PM

dave, how much for the Rega counter weight?


planet10 6th August 2004 07:54 PM


Originally posted by woody
how much for the Rega counter weight?
Tentatively priced at $100 USD.


rcavictim 6th August 2004 09:22 PM


Beautiful job on the speaker cabinet that looks like an ohm. Is the second woofer on the back a live driver wired push-push (both woofers wired to push out at the same time)?

planet10 7th August 2004 04:00 AM


Originally posted by rcavictim
Beautiful job on the speaker cabinet that looks like an ohm. Is the second woofer on the back a live driver wired push-push (both woofers wired to push out at the same time)?
Thanx -- Chris does good work (he builds, i design). That particular set reused the AMT-1 woofer & PR... the next set we built was a 2=way and used a push-push pr of Fostex 9" on the bottom.


rcavictim 7th August 2004 04:44 AM


You must like the Heil. It sure is a massive slugger. I've never seen one in person or heard it. Does it vent out the back like a dipole or is it front only like a horn? How low can you cross it over?

That second cabinet is absolutely lovely! Beautiful choice of veneer.

I have to wear all the hats at the moment in my speaker and amplifier building factory.


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