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zman01 16th April 2011 06:04 PM

Super Pensil Build with Pics
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Hi all,

I've been planning to build the Super Pensil 12 for quite some time. Had the pieces cut for joining a few days back, finally got to doing it today.

Though the boxes are glued (and screwed) up, plan to veneer them before I put the drivers in. Paint finish is also not out of the question. In the meantime, the driver break in happening in open baffle setup.

- Zia

zman01 16th April 2011 06:09 PM

Braces, braces...
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Holey braces...

The Super Pensil 12 bracing is probably the most time consuming part to make (though I myself had a decent runaround trying to get a suitable rabbet for driver flush mounting).

Here you go with 2 pics - I joined the pieces togther before putting them in the cabinets.

Sorry, forgot to take snaps when they were individual pieces.

zman01 16th April 2011 06:16 PM

Flushmouting the driver...
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A router is an absolute necessity for accomplishing this task!

I didn't have much luck with finding a guy with a router, or good router bits (or skill for that matter)...

Finally got hold of a workshop with a router and an operator with rudimentary skills. Initially I had done a 9mm rabbet, which was very much inadequate; the rabbet circumference was a bit tight too... the workmen had to chissel away to accomodate the Mark Audio Alp 12 frame (208 mm diameter outer edge, ~11 mm rabbet depth). And I had to do a lot of sanding... Still, the driver with gasket is about 1 mm proud of the front baffle . Expect compression from screwing on and the layer of veneer to take care of that and give me a nice flush mount.

planet10 16th April 2011 06:25 PM

Keep em coming... i particularily like the stand-alone holey braces.


zman01 16th April 2011 06:27 PM

Back of the driver mounting hole needs attention too
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The rear part of the driver hole needs some treatment also - Mark Fenlon of Mark Audio advises that the inside edges should be rounded.

I have seen folks go for a chamfered 45 degree cut. Again since i did not have the luxury of the router, had to depend on chisel and sanding.

Have a nice curved bevel though.

zman01 16th April 2011 06:33 PM

Base and baffle need slight round on the inner edges
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The Super Pensil 12 design calls for 10 mm radius round edges on both front baffle and base - these 2 pieces for the port.

Here you go with some pics of mine. I made a template on cardboard and used that for markeing the pieces. The workmen used a plane to do this.

zman01 16th April 2011 06:37 PM

Cleats for the back panel
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Also made some cleats and glued thme to respective pieces so once the box is joined I will have a frame for attaching the back panel.

The width of the ply srtips I used for this is 1.25".

I forgot to mention - material I used is 18mm Marin Grade ply. Very sturdy and has 11 layers... best I could find at my place. I have provided a cross section for reference.

Plan to use the threaded insert and hex screws in the pic for attaching back panel later.

zman01 16th April 2011 06:54 PM

Putting it all together...
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the Super Pensil is a fairly simple box to build - except the holey bracing!

Out of the 2 cabs, first one went fairly smooth. There are some imperfections on the cleats but will tend to that once the gule has dried well enough.

The second box became quite a task because of what I guess is a slightly warped board. These slight warping are a curse; not always easy to detect and once you try to join such pieces, the best laid plans of mouse and men can go awry...

Here are the glued up boxes one again. I do not have acces to wood clamps; so had to insert screws in the right parts.

The bracing might be tough to make, but gives the cabinet a lot of rigidty. Picked up the cabs a while back - very rigid. Also please note that bracing is slightly offset from center of driver.


zman01 16th April 2011 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by planet10 (
Keep em coming... i particularily like the stand-alone holey braces.


Thanks Dave.

The stand alone braces remind me of a Griffin or something... :)

Took a lot of time to make.

kristleifur 16th April 2011 07:25 PM


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