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JAMESBOS 2nd February 2007 02:21 PM

Full range planar speaker using neo magnets
I have already built 4 small full range planar speakers (21" x 24" x 2.5") using neo magnets. Am thinking of making larger speakers(24" x 48" x 2.5"). Any suggestions would be more than welcome. When I first started building full range planar speakers, I used ferrite magnets. The biggest one was about 7ft x 2ft. the small planars I made were about 3db louder!!! Does the size of the baffle make much difference to the bass? I have no technical ability or measuring devices, I'm afraid I'm a complete ignoramous in this respect.!! So technical jargon would go right over my head. Although I can follow schematics, as I have built several valve amplifiers (33). Although if they didn't work, it was hard luck and start on the next one!!! Let me have your thoughts, Thanks.

JAMESBOS 10th February 2007 12:11 PM

Hi Everybody,
There doesn't seem to be much interest in building a very simple full range (20hz- 20khz). planar speaker, which is very very, simple to build. No massive power supplies or complicated frames. I made mine out of dimantled warddrobes which I was given. You just cut out a big hole trapezoid in shape line the hole with draughft proofing tape, use a sheet of perforated steel. Put the magnets on, no glue needed. Stick the aluminium tape on a heavy duty refuse sack in the correct position. Use a surround to lift the refuse sack with the aliu' foil on. So it does not touch the manets, then use another surround to support the grill cloth, or not dependig on your preferences!! Trap the 2 ends of the foil with screws and penny washers connect your amp to the screws, and voila a wonderful sounding full range speaker, what could be simpler!!?? Happy building.

Bazukaz 10th February 2007 02:50 PM

Do you have any pics ? Sounds interesting.

tinitus 10th February 2007 07:13 PM

Long time ago I made LaFolia fullrange ribbon

First one had bass membrane only fixed at top and bottom - it sounded fantastic but too much flapping around at higher level

So I tried another version, fixed all way round - to much ressonant drumskin effect

A third one was fixed only at the sides - it was quite good, but not as sweet as the first

So in the end I got tired of it

After several years I got the urge again, and I am planning on a 4-way with dynamic bass and midwoofer - from around 1200hz and up I will use an 8" ribbon and above 8000hz I will use another smaller 4" ribbon

Ribbons will be made of simple alufoil and nothing else - efficiency I hope will be enough to only have a small graphite resistor between amp and ribbon and some nasty filter components

JAMESBOS 10th February 2007 10:13 PM

Hi Bazukaz, Go to tubes then photo gallery pages 146 and 147, 3 photos in all of a full range planar speaker using ferrite magnets. I am going to build another one using 500 neo magnet on each speaker. should be about 4 times more efficient. and a lot lighter as well. Henry.

JAMESBOS 15th February 2007 09:21 AM

Have ordered 1000 neo magnets, cut out my trapezoid from dismantled wardrobe door, fixed the perforated steel sheet, lined hole with draught proof tape, bought wood for surround. I have already got rubish sacks!! Also grill cloth. So will be busy when the magnets arrive when I have finished 1 speaker will swop with the 21" x 24" x 2.5" one channel and see what the difference in sound and sensitivity is. Simple isn't it??!! Anthony

JAMESBOS 15th February 2007 10:50 AM

Oops, forgot the hard bit, (well it is for me being 68yrs old! ), Putting the aluminium foil on the blue rubbish bag . It will probably take me about 4 hrs! Hard on the back and the eyesight. If you rip it, you have to start again. So don't hurry it be patient !! It is well worth the bruises and the backache. A couple of bolts and nuts and washers for the cable fixing and away you go. Wonderfully clear sound and great attack. Will beat any box speakers at any price, naturally I'm biased. Anthony.

WrineX 18th February 2007 04:01 PM

im looking towards it. take ur time and post pics when ur done :)

JAMESBOS 18th February 2007 05:33 PM

Will do ,I'm champing at the bit already, waiting for the magnets. I hope they come soon. They cost me 588.50. They were the cheapest I could find on the internet. The rest of the parts cost about 40 so the magnets are the major cost. But you can spend a lot more on normal speakers. I am also in the process of building a double flamed plasma tweeter. Just a few more details to sort out and make up my mind on a few points. Regards Anthony.

WrineX 18th February 2007 07:13 PM

building an esl is way easier and cheaper to i think 560 pound is allot of money. i looked at the plasma tweeters to but i think the cost of building one and end up with one that cant provide enough DB is holding me back.

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