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Consul 26th November 2006 02:50 AM

In-wall (soffit) mounting for ESL speakers?
I'm just wondering if anyone has ever done this?

Just as a hypothetical situation, I would build these speakers into soffits (false walls) angled in thirty degrees from the back wall that the listener faces, thus creating an equilateral triangle between listener and speakers, with the speakers facing the listener on-axis. The area behind the soffits could be stuffed with whatever, or left empty.

Right now, I'm just curious, but who knows where this single question might lead.


stokessd 26th November 2006 01:48 PM

The "box" spaces would have to be quite large to not adversely effect the operation of the ESL. The effective VAS of an ESL is insanely large, you'd be talking about building another room as an enclosure. Now if you made the panels 14.5" wide and put them between studs venting to adjoining rooms, you might have something.


Consul 29th November 2006 11:06 PM

Hrm... I was afraid of something like that. Thanks, anyway!

Brian Beck 14th December 2006 02:43 AM

I wouldn't want to stifle your experimentation. Thiele-Small considerations like Vas generally come into play on the low end of the band of the ESL (or any driver). If you choose to roll-off the bottom end with a crossover and use a separate woofer, or to delve into resonance compensation down there, your ideas might be worth consideration. The great Peter Walker of Quad fame described several different types of enclosed ESL designs. Youíll have to consider various absorptive and possibly diffractive inner materials to attenuate or diffuse reflections. While itís true that the transmission loss is lower for a thin membrane than for a thick cone, internal cabinet reflection control is really not so much different than what the cone guys have to deal with. We all live with paradigms that can be restrictive. One is that ESLs must be dipolar.

captainjack 18th December 2006 04:39 AM

I did exactly what you're talking about. My ESL's were built into a free
standing wall, essentially an infinite baffle. I mounted them on an angle that aimed directly at my listening position.
I ran them full range and the bass was quite good.

stokessd 19th December 2006 06:52 PM

Speaking of breaking paradigms:

Given how directional the speakers are, and where you cross them over, you could even not have sides on the box, just a bit of a labyrinth. Imagine just absorbing material behind the panel.

Crazy I know...


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