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tmyr 13th October 2006 02:51 PM

..didn't know how they sound till i made me one..
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high to everyone !

well here is my very first attempt to an esl... ... ...

matterials found in garbage mostly ..leftover plywood 10mm, 30x3mm plexiglass strips, pc psu box, 2x 230v to 7v/30w toroids, 220v to 110v small trany,32x 33nf 400v caps & diodes, couple of fuses,
a pensil for graphite, 30m 22awg pvc wire, membrane was from big box toy package, some epoxy, some super glue, some screws
and finaly i admit.. lots and lots of how to thinking .

.. so i assembled it and ... !!! hey it sounds like music ....

... hey it sounds good ... i say it even plays bass notes..!!!!!

now i can say .. esl is the way to listen to the hardware and then to the music.

here is how my small prototype looks like:

JinMTVT 13th October 2006 03:40 PM

very very nice first prototype !! :)
and with recycled parts :)

how does it sounds?
as good as cheap regular drivers?

have you measured or estimated ur membrane thickness ???

nice project and finish :)

SY 13th October 2006 03:51 PM

Excellent work!

Remember, EQ is your friend and is not to be feared or scorned.

BillH 13th October 2006 06:14 PM

Very nice, especially with your use of recycled materials. Did it take long to gather the pieces?

bear 13th October 2006 10:10 PM


Nice job.

ESLs tend to sound a best, imho, with a very very very rigid mounting, including something going to the top. (Fwiw, Quad is now doing that...)

Sy, EQ may be your friend, but Equalizers most often are not!


_-_-bear :Pawprint:

Audio_idiot 14th October 2006 02:34 AM

hi tymr,
Wow!!! Impressive work!!!

Would you kindly share what are the physical dimension of the ESL? such as stator wire spacing, stator to diapharm distance, bias voltage etc etc...


SY 14th October 2006 03:28 AM


Equalizers most often are not!
Agreed, most are designed badly. But they don't NEED to be designed badly.

Audio_idiot 14th October 2006 03:45 AM

I am not a EQ fan but would not ignore em out right... I couldn't help but ask this question.

What makes a "friendly" or "correctly" design equilizer?


Can we build a simple one?


bear 15th October 2006 06:32 PM

suggest starting another thread, probably in a different subject area of this site?

...this one is for speakers... not electronic design.


tmyr 16th October 2006 09:54 AM

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... i;ll start from the how it sounds ..
my cd's are now all over the floor and furniture

paco de lucia, vangelis, vivaldi, orff, brahms, hooker, prodigy,
moby, bregovits, deep purple, led zeppelin, pink floyd
and many more set their instruments for me and played me some
conserts over the weekend to my happy ears...!
couple of friends left with mouth open..

the details of the reproduction are the best i ever heard from my
cd-amp pair.. now sure that this pair is quite ok
quality of recording is now very obvious and some cd's are not
so pleasant ..
treble beaming is laser like and its very impressive at large distances, 20m away and its like wearing tweater headphones
so detailed every little sound recorded is now heard..
bass...!? damn its there !! i say i wasnt expecting that..
all notes and harmonics live and uncoloured .. white as snow
20cm away and the whole song is flat there !!
what are those toroids ?? invisible ?(inaudible) for me anyways.

naturaly there must be some drawbacks..
i do suspect membrane resonation at about 60~70hz, some implementation of distributed resonance theory could help here..
construction is a bit fragile but its an experimental prototype..
big bass notes slap the film to the stators, with the whole film free it does this at low levels, holding points give more spl and same sound !? i abused it quite early and some wires broke free and it streaks and skweaks when played loud.. but i'll glue them again today .. and continue abusing it :D

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