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Daveis 11th September 2006 04:20 AM

Bohlender Graebener RD40/RD50 and Magnepan?
I've currently got some Bohlender Graebener RD40's and would like to mate them with something under 800hz that matches them a bit better. I'm considering matching dipole bass to the dipole mid ribbons.

Should I try something like the h-frame Orion solution?

How crazy does using a set of Magnepan 1.2's for under 800hz sound? I know they are a fine speaker fullrange and it would be a shame to _use_ them for just under 800hz.

I'm currently using scanspeaks in a sealed box under 800hz. And looking for bass that might more closely match the airiness of the ribbons.

Ultimately, the sound I'm after is similar to an Apogee Centaur Major if you heard heard one of those.

Maybe I dont necessarily need to go dipole bass, but just _faster_ sounding bass. I've currently got 2 Scanpspeak 21w8554's per side.

Daveis 13th September 2006 02:07 AM

Any guesses about whether the tweeter portion of an Magnepan 1.2 or 1.6 is better than an RD series?

Daveis 18th September 2006 12:03 AM

Ok, lots of views and no speculation... Hmmmmm

Maybe if I rephrase the question...

What bass drivers have people found integrate well with quasi ribbons like the BG's or with ESL's?

It could be horn, ESL, line array Seas Excel?

To my ears the Apogee Centaur/Slant series sounded reasonably well integated. I believe they crossed over to 10" poly woofer at about 450hz. But unlike my speakers this was a real 30-40" ribbon.

As the bass drivers I currently have are the same that were used in the Linkwitz Phoenix OB ... maybe I should take a clue from the Linkwitz Orion and get a set of Seas Excel woofs? Worst case is I'm left with enough parts for a full Orion???

Anyone know of a real ribbon that could match the stuff Apogee was doing?

Or should I scrap the BG ribbons in favor of something better... and what would be better than them? I'm inclined to think ESL, but I dont think I want to play with glue and high voltage.

I've tried plenty of dynamic drivers up against the BG's and cant seem to find anything better? Maybe something exotic like a TAD 4001 horn?

In alot of ways the BG unit holds its own (to my ears) with a few expensive dynamic tweeters in the 4-10Khz range.

Ok, here's an idea...

What if I put two of the larger BG RD series next to each other horizontally? Would that allow me to run them crossed over lower? Or would that just mess up my imaging and create bad comb filtering types effects?

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