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floydturbo 8th August 2006 05:33 AM

Magnepan Mylar Replacement Question
I have a set of MGII's that has large 6 to 8 inch tears in the mylar...Has anyone ever replaced the mylar on a Magnepan speaker..If so can you share your experience...... I know I can send them in to magnepan and get them rebuilt,but I am low on funds and looking for a lower cost diy alternative.

moray james 8th August 2006 08:08 AM

diaphragm patch
you can use some mylar packing tape that might just see you till you can have them rebuilt. Good luck. regards Moray James.

amt 9th August 2006 08:14 PM

The MG2s are too old and Maggie has stopped rebuilding them. I believe a very late MG2B or C are the oldest they will rebuild.

The accepted method to patch them is to use Scotch tape BUT you need to apply it adhesive side out. You mask the Maggies with cardboard so that only a 1/4" around the tear is visible. Next, use 3M spray adhesive to LIGHTY mist the tear. Then, once the adhesive tacks up, apply the tape.

As Moray has pointed out, the tape is mylar but the adhesive used for attaching to paper is not strong enough to last with the flexxing and stretching the diaphram goes through.

BTW, this is from seasoned Maggie owners and not my own method, although Ive used it and it seems to work well.

Unfortunately, Im repairing Quads and patching isnt an option.


floydturbo 10th August 2006 08:04 AM

I called magenpan they said they will still rebuild these. I talked to Karen. I had to give her the serial numbers of both speakers. I also asked if they would just sell me the mylar,she said NO... Repair of the mylar using any kind of patching is not a option.. I have repaired my mg1's with tape and have good success, but those were just little 1 inch or so tears in the mylar, The tears in the MgII's are at least 8 inches long and there are several tears in each diaphram,so much that the diaphram has lost all tension it orignally had in it..... I might just go ahead and try to re-mylar these if I can find a good souce for mylar and to find the EXACT type magnepan uses......I was really hoping to find someone who had done this before,but so far no luck

courage 10th August 2006 08:27 AM


Try the Planar asylum were much Maggie owners hang out:

or the Magnepan Users Group for info/tweaks/etc on most types:

Hope this helps.

amt 10th August 2006 04:00 PM

Thats interesting since she told me two years ago that they couldnt rebuild my MG2Bs and they are almost 10 years newer than the MG2s(1980s vs 1970s)

Ah, several tears is another matter.

Below is a link to Steve Reads rebuild photos. He has done a full rewiring on MG1s. Check out those cool jigs! I sent him another pair which he plans on doing a mylar replacement and rewiring on. Might contact him to see what he thinks. Hes done the research on the mylar etc.

My personal opinion is that unless Maggie will do it very cheaply, it is better to buy a pair of MMGs or MG12s instead. I think the true ribbon/QR ribbon equipped models are cost effective to have done but the non-ribbons arent. As a DIY project though, it would be great. I rebuilt my MG2Bs tweeters and did xo mods and it was an enjoyable project.


floydturbo 10th August 2006 07:51 PM

The price I was quote for a "complete driver replacement" as she called it for both speakers was $420.00 without shipping. Plus I would have to pay for shipping which would be about 100.00 each way. So it would be right around $620.00. I could buy a pair of mmg's for that price..... Hey AMT..Just curious what is the difference in the drivers between the mg2 vs. the mg2a and mg2b...I know 2 years ago when I call magnepan about rewiring the diaphram for my mg1's I was told then that they don't rebuild the mg1's anymore..I bought the rewire kit and new socks from them then..took me about 2 1/2 weeks to rewire them because I took my time and only did one or two rows of wire per day on each speaker,upgraded the crossover with new parts,but all the work was worth it.... they sound fantastic

amt 10th August 2006 08:05 PM

Yeah mine came out well too but I got rid of them since my new dedicated listening room is just too small for them.

As far as I can tell, the differences between the MG2,Improved,B and C is that they kept getting better LF response out of them as they progressed. Someone with more knowledge regarding each of them would probably know more specifics. Heres the specs from AA Planar forum.

You might ask over there what the seasoned listeners would prefer-a refurbished MG2 or new MMG. The MG2 is going to have excellent bass but the HF arent as good. And then theres the bigger amp needed and room size to consider.


moray james 12th August 2006 07:42 AM

possible patch
If you can get these factory rebuilt that will be your best option. If you decide to experiment till you can afford a rebuild you don't have much to loose. LePages make a water based contact called Press Tite Green. This contact will stick with a vengence to mylar film. Get yourself some HS65 mylar (heat shrink Mylar) (which is used to make magnetic tape) and bond a suitable oversized patch over the tear in your diaphragm. Then use some paper covered with tin foil as a reflector on either side of the patch covered tear then use a heat gun to shrink the exposed area. This should restore most of your diaphragm tension and get you back up an running. The Press Tite Green is non toxic and easy to work with and has a long working time after it is applied. Let us know if this works for you. Best regards Moray James.

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