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inertial 23rd March 2006 04:48 PM

Manger SWING
I'm searching all possible informations about this speaker.
I have seen the drawings and the x-over schematics of the "ZEROBOX's line"
but I have found zero about swing.
Can you help me?
Many thanks. :)


audiotux 23rd March 2006 05:12 PM

Hi inertial ,

see : : Products , Data-Facts , Swing

or see : basstuba = Horn for Manger

Greetings from Germany


phase_accurate 24th March 2006 05:27 AM

AFAIK the swing was never intended to be sold as a kit. So they don't publish details like x-over etc.
It looks very neat but it won't get the most from the MSW if you want to listen a high volumes every now and then.

The crossover is most probably a single cap and an impedance correction parallel to the MSW (like in the other Manger models) with a larger cap then the other Manger models use.



Jeroenkv 24th March 2006 05:51 AM

I would use the Manger >250hz in open baffle (recommended by Manger self). Below 250hz a nice woofer in sealed enclosure or also open baffle.

Reply from Manger:
Dear Jeroen,
thank you for your inquiry.
You can use it in an open baffle, but better is an baffle in
combinationwith a cabinet of 8 Liters for the MSw driver.
The MSW starts with a piston like action beyond 250 Hz and for
this is better to add a air cushion for a more controlled diaphragm

phase_accurate 24th March 2006 06:46 AM

Hi Jeroen

I think you misunderstood Mrs Manger. She does not say that you shall definitely use it with an open baffle crossed over at > 250 Hz.
She rather says that a closed box is better than an open baffle because of the pistonic behaviour below 250 Hz.

Remember that you can't fully suppress everything below 250 Hz going to the MSW whan you cross at this frequency.



inertial 24th March 2006 07:03 AM

Thanks audiotux .

I have listened yesterday the SWING. No problem with max SPL.
It sounds!
You are correct, from the data exposed ( impedence graph) it seems a single cap high/pass but...... I am skeptical. The frequency response
seems ( to my ears) "too flat" to not have any compensation ( like
LCR or others).
But I do not have any type of measurements of the single MSW alone
in differents radiations conditions. I am very curious about to see the difference from a 2pi/str response versus a 4p/istr response ( with a baffle like the swing, to say).
I know you have the MSW, have you take some measurements ?
Many thanks. :)

I am not a big fan of dipole but sure If one like dipole operation,
MSW can be a very interesting option, IMHO.
I am surprise about the not-proliferation of this MSW in the "dipole-community" !


phase_accurate 24th March 2006 09:16 AM


The frequency response seems ( to my ears) "too flat" to not have any compensation ( like LCR or others).
I assume that it definitely has some impedance compensation for the driver impedance in order to work properly. But it doesn't necessarily have response compensation. Below about 300 Hz it shows a rising response with decreasing frequency due to the change from bending-wave mode to pistonic mode. This can often be used for BSC.

I haven't measured the bare driver so far but will do it this spring as soon as it is warm enough outside and I'll have a day off for doing this.



inertial 24th March 2006 09:41 AM

Thanks for your reply Charles,

Very interesting argument. Unfortunately I can't explore the internal
of the box to see exactly what type of compensation is employed. :(

Oh, spring is not so far!! :)


Tenson 25th March 2006 12:20 AM

Looks good. So come on then, what are the disadvantages of this driver?

What is its power handling like?

inertial 26th March 2006 05:29 AM

Hi Tenson,

Yesterday I have had second auditions with SWING + Subsonice active sub. I can only say this: you must absolutely hear it!!!! :)
Imho , power handling can be a problem only for 110 dB lovers....


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