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gavinson 28th November 2005 03:41 AM

Behringer 24/96 vs BSS vs DBX Studio Drive
Crossing a dipole ribbon with a monopole bass at 300Hz. Any thoughts on the most effective electronic crossover. Need also notch filter and balanced inputs.

I am not so familiar with the innards of the BSS or the Behringer.

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Capaciti 28th November 2005 07:33 PM

Hi gavinson,

i use the dcx 2496 and i can tell you its an amazing tool. You will never miss the money you spent for.

6 channels, balanced in- and outputs. You can "notch" at each fequency you want with different damping modes.The best feature is the memory. You just save different setups and you are able to compare the sound differences within seconds.

I use the dcx for my ESL+Dipolesubs. The dcx show a noticable noise level in standby and sometimes i get the impression that the dcx slightly modifies the original signal. But nothing is for free.The advantages compensate for that and this crossover is far better than any passive solution.

BTW:This is an amazing ribbon !! I can imagine that it sounds breathtaking

regards, capaciti

gavinson 28th November 2005 11:46 PM


I am sometimes "thick-headed". Years ago we used DBX equipment to restore dynamic range to recorded music, and I found DBX equipment to be as solid as it gets. So, my natural inclination is to move back to DBX equipment now that I need this electronic crossover. I know a lot of people use the 2496 and it does interest me. It's less expensive than the DBX, which I can get off eBay for under $400. A new 2496 can be had for $250. I'd sure like to know more about a direct comparison between them (I know there are people on this forum that can help me).

May I ask, what do you mean by "slightly modifies" the signal? How much effect does that have? How pronounced is the "noise level" you described?

Thanks for the compliment on the ribbons, I have really enjoyed having them back.

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Capaciti 29th November 2005 11:09 AM

Hi gavinson,

i try to explain slightly modified:

imagine the sound reproduction of a single hit to a triangle. Listening with my ESL you are able to hear that the "colour" of the triangle sound changes constantly from the hit to silence.

With the dcx the time to silence is reduced and in addition the colours of the triangle sound different. It appears as if the triangle is made out of different alloy.

I don't use the digital inputs, but analog since the dcx is between the pre-and poweramp. Maybe A/D-D/A-converting compromises quality.

The noise level is about double the loudness of standard analog active filter systems.


ctviggen 29th November 2005 12:04 PM

Why is there a spike in each of the graphs at about 10kHz? Is there something in the testing procedure causing this?

gavinson 29th November 2005 08:05 PM

Hello ctviggen,

I am not exactly sure what you ar seeing. I think you are talking about some impulse response plots. They would be measured at 1K, in milliseconds. I could be mistaken. When I get home, I'll have to look and verify that.


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slowmotion 29th November 2005 08:24 PM


Originally posted by Capaciti
Hi gavinson,
The noise level is about double the loudness of standard analog active filter systems.


I use horns and I don't have any noise from my dcx 2496.

cheers ;)

Capaciti 1st December 2005 06:22 AM

Hi slowmotion,

thats astonishing. Using horns the noise level should be ampified further due to higher sensitivity.

Maybe my dcx is a worse one out of serie production, but i got feedback regarding noticable noise level from others as well.

Do you run it with digital input ? Should lower the noise level.


Coolin 1st December 2005 07:05 AM

I dont have noise iether on my dcx and horns.

I beleave it went away when i improved the power supply.
It wasnt bad at all but now its silent

Used beads and quality caps

Im using digital in

slowmotion 1st December 2005 07:54 AM

I'm using analog in, no noise.
It's important to get the levels right,
and preferebly volumecontrols between the crossover and the poweramps.

cheers ;)

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