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Kardinaal 13th January 2013 02:55 PM

resources on calculating ideal dimensions/distances for hi/mid/low separate speakers?

I'm new to this forum (allthough not new to building ESLs). At the moment I've got a standard set of L/R full range ESLs that died on me a few days ago, so I'm looking to build me a new system. Since I like to challenge myself (to insane degrees sometimes), I want to build my next system a little more complicated...

The idea is to build a 4.1 surround system (4 sets of 2 ESLs, and a normal cone subwoofer), with separate ESLs for hi (tweeter) and mid ranges. The idea is to tweak the size of the diaphragm, distances between stator and diaphragm, diameter of the wires, the distance between the wires, and even the input signals, to get the best possible sound quality.

First question: Anyone got an idea if splitting the high and mid ranges is worth it sound quality wise?

Second question: Anyone have any idea of ideal sizes and distances, or where I can find the necessary physics to do the calculations? There were internet resources for this ten years ago when I built my previous set of ESLs, but the links I saved from those long gone days are dead and buried (even the way back machine came up empty).

So, what do you think?

thanks for reading, and greetings,


Inductor 18th January 2013 02:00 AM

I'm not sure if what you need it's included here, good luck.
Baffle spacing, phase angles and time alignment, revisited - Pi Speakers

Bazukaz 18th January 2013 10:46 AM

Why are you posting two threads with the same question?
There are already answers to some of your questions, did you read them?

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