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vrusso123 25th October 2012 10:10 PM

new planar project....
hi everyone. ive owned old maggies. love. like Martin logans, cant afford a good pair. sooo...... gonna build some electrostats. purchased 6m mylar, elvamide, and these transformers i hope the'll work. my friend owns a car audio store and has perf steel in stock, he also builds custom enclosures. so i guess i am on my way. i'll post picks and ask advice along the way.

2 Telefunken Transformers for PP Tube Amps - EL95
here is a pair of vintage telefunken transformers for tube projects.
the type is telefunken Bv 40 .5108.050-41
The transformers are made for push-pull Amps with EL95 or EL84 tubes
I checked the coils with a multimeter : Coil 1: ca. 4,5 Ohm ,coil 2 : 2,25 Ohm Coil 3: ca. 10 kOhm

vrusso123 26th October 2012 12:17 PM

so i guess this is my first question, are these the right transformers?

vrusso123 26th October 2012 09:09 PM

i apologize for my manners. i read a lot of forums and i did not introduce myself here.
My name is Vince. I am a tile setter in N.E. Ohio. grew up listening to a pair of Magnepan M-1's that were my brothers. we blew them apart with a cheap amp and many years of service a long time ago. Ilike to build things, so i figured i'll give making my own ESL's a shot. i have a pretty good idea of what i'm getting into, and cant wait to get started. hoping i can count on this community to help me through this.

My audio equipment is average at best.
Sony DA3-es
sony 200 disc cd
Luxman M-117 amp
the Luxman still runs strong and i'm hoping it will drive the esl's.

geraldfryjr 27th October 2012 11:52 AM

Welcome to the forum Vince!

Building ESL's is a most rewarding adventure !!!

The transformers that you posted may work very well,However I am not sure how well they stand up to the voltages involved.

You will need at least a 3kv to 5kv bias supply to start with.
I would consider that you build a hybrid system using a subwoofer in either a sealed enclosure are a transmission line type.
You can use a ported if you like as well, but most seem that they don't match up to an ESL very well.

A lot of us use a toriodal power transformers in reverse with great success.
the only limitation of using them is core saturation at the lower frequency's at below about 200Hz or so.

Many have been using 2 Antek506's per panel with good results and is why I suggested a hybrid type system.
They will also cost much much less at about $13 each compared to the Telefunken's.
I am using some 210watt cores that I got on a close out deal from Parts Express for $20 each a few years ago and simply added a custom primary of 10 to 20 turns.

Have you decided on the size of your panel's?
Plan on getting a very thick coating on your stator's as well of at least 10mil or better.
This is something that can not be stressed enough and has been the down fall of almost every new build I have seen so far.

Just a few things to think about.
It will be a much worthy project especially when you fire them up for the first time!!

Cheers and Good luck !!

Keep us posted on your progress.

jer :)

vrusso123 27th October 2012 01:18 PM

hi Jer, the telefunken transformers arre on their way so they will be part of my first attempt. i figured old and german should work. :) I plan on making some 6"x18" test panels (figured 4 should do) at the same as i build the larger panels so i can see what works before i assemble the larger ones. the final panel should be about 20"x60". i have acess to plenty of stator material and can get about any thickness and perf. i was hoping to curve the panels a bit to open the sweet spot, the metal guy can bend them for me, they build custom boxes and grills at my friends shop (road quake) not sure how much, was planning on using M/L as a reference. i also have acess to thousands of drivers. was thinking an 8-10 inch tall base with 1-4 small (4-6.5") inch drivers for the bottom end. friend has a big shop, and offered me room to build and use of his stuff. gonna pick some stator material today, was thinking a higher perf so i can put more paint on them, but i dont wanna make em weak. hoping the curve will help with this. any suggestions?

geraldfryjr 27th October 2012 02:33 PM

I have never built any curved panels before.

If you segment the diaphragm in to smaller sections say 2 for your 6" wide panel this will help with the horizontal dispersion.

The formula on this page can help you to get an idea of your dispersion angles at different frequency's.

QSC - Designing & Deploying Line Arrays

I use a 3" wide panel for my little ESL 3.25" x 9.75 and it is less beamy than my full 8" wide panel.

I have not tried anything smaller than 3" yet but you may even go as low as 2" for a 6" wide panel.

The 3" wide panel gives me about +- 15 degrees or so on the end.

jer :)

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