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SpinMonster 19th September 2012 08:54 AM

True dipole tweeter or two monopole dynamic tweeters on opposing sides out of phase?
Is there any reason for or against using two 1" dome tweeters on opposing sides of a dipole wired out of phase as used on the Orion speaker? I havent heard the Neo3's yet but was wondering if dynamic tweeters used how they are in the Orion are just as good or better.


Keith Taylor 19th September 2012 02:12 PM

Hi SpinMonster, I happen to be an Orion owner and am fairly acquainted with what you are discussing. Whilst dome tweeters can offer an attractive performance as monopoles, the size of the magnets means there is a limit on how small dimension "D" can be.

Dimension D for back to back domes would be the distance from the centre of one dome to the centre of the other divided by 2. Typically this may be 100mm, which means we are not going to get much dipole action above about 2 kHz. Have a look at this thread

More ribbon like structures such as the Neo3's and AMT's are inherently dipole when open to the rear giving smaller D dimensions and improved directivity to higher frequencies. This comes at the expense of narrower vertical directivity, so we are in the realm of compromises.


SpinMonster 19th September 2012 10:57 PM

It appeard that small monopoles mounted offset but close looks pretty good in a dipole. He seemed happy with the results.

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