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avant 30th December 2011 09:39 PM

My new project - Quad ESL's
I have always wanted a set of ESL's and the opportunity to buy a pair of ESL 57's presented itself during the holidays so I jumped right in with both feet!
I have read most everything but as I haven't yet collected them a few questions remain unanswered in my mind. They are sold to me as "working" but I am not nieve - we all know what these are about!

The thing I would really like to know from someone if it is possible is a source for the cable to rewire them - I do not yet know for instance whether or not they are potted in tresin or beeswax so although I know what to do in both scenario's I don't know which one I will be faced with. I do know though that I will be rewiring them and if someone would be kind enough to point me at a supply for the cables I will need I would be grateful - also a guideline *** to what specification cable I will need.

I AM NO EXPERT - frankly I work my way through electronics on a sort of 'solder by numbers' basis and having received some really horrific shocks in my lifetime I have a healthy respect for electricity. So I just arm myself with the right materials for the job, solicit a few opinions/schematics from different people and if they are all the same, I go with that. :D

I have also read that there is a protection circuit and if someone could point me in it's direction with a couple of guidelines as to how to incorporate it into my speakers I would also be grateful.

I intend to drive these soeakers with my venerable Quad 303 Power Amp and this Amplifier has had all of the NET-Audio upgrades and renewals applied to it recently, not the front panel though. That comes under the heading of 'nice' but not neccessary in my book. If anyone has any thoughts about this setup I would like to hear them.

For the record I am running two Quad 405's that I monoblocked myself and these power a pair of B&W speakers. My source is an Avondale Arcam Alpha5 through an Avondale modified Quad 34 pre-amp (can you sense a theme here:-))


arend-jan 31st December 2011 09:05 AM

You seem to have a pretty good idea about the Quad and what's ahead. It is a very good idea to replace the power supplies as they are almost always weak and tend to have problems. Wiring is probably not that necessary but it depends on who's been working on them in the past. Most of them have had some form of 'maintenance' before.

One thing to realize is that 99% certain your bass panels are way out of specifications. Treble panels might be burned, check them carefully looking for burn marks (inspect the holes with a spotlight). Dust covers might be torn or damaged, you can 'fix' those for the time being with a good thin tape (cellotape for the treble panel).

Installing protection boards is also a sane idea especially with high power amps.

Also check the values of the resistors in the crossover. Most of them will have gone (way) up in value. If they are more than say 10% off I'd replace them.

Good luck!

avant 31st December 2011 11:06 AM

Thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, I am aware of what will probably be needed and the power supply looks like it is a simple diode replacement excersise, I am still researching more information so I get the parts right:-)
It is all too easy for me to start emailing everyone requesting information but I am aware that this takes people away from their regular work/real lives when the information is out there - I just need to find it!

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