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joojoo1234 27th November 2011 04:30 AM

My new stators....
are being put together now... doing test stators first on small 1 foot by 2 foot panels. I am using 1/16th tape... ML method for my spacers. I am confused however. Are the horizontal spacers (or vertical) in the MLogans and what you all use of the same material and thickness that run the middle as opposed to the edges? I am putting these on curved frames and thus are stretching them in only the vertical direction. And then mounting them to the frames. I however made my first stator without spacers and when I curved the frame the mylar went into the metal of course. So I need spacers running horizontal or vertical.
Is it the sticky tape? Or is it unsticky plastic I am using here. Is the spacer supposed to stick or not on these middle dividers?

Can't believe I don't know this but I don't.

geraldfryjr 27th November 2011 04:57 AM

Very Good,joojoo1234,I don't have any experience with the ML's but I am glad to see that you are getting your panels underway !!

jer :)

P.S. Post some pictures, if you can.

joojoo1234 27th November 2011 05:24 AM

Gereldfryjr are your spacers that run through the middle sticky? Do they stick to the diaphram?

geraldfryjr 27th November 2011 05:40 AM

My panels are flat and The frames are made of plexiglass with the Diagphrams epoxied to one of them.

I usea completely Different type of construction.

I haven't tried the double sided tape method yet except on my microdrivers that were made out of some credit cards.
One day I may try a curved stator design.

There are lots of pictures of my panels In these threads so that you can see how I built mine.

jer :)

joojoo1234 27th November 2011 07:32 AM

Well I checked jazzmans site... clearly he is using the 3m tape itself so I am assuming it is double sided. Always assumed for some reason that the spacers were not sticking to the mylar... Going to order my electronics... may need advice so check back if you could sunday... sunday sunday!

tyu 27th November 2011 10:02 AM

ML panels
1 Attachment(s)
All the ML panesls are made the same......ONLY the back of the panels Has Mylar Glued down with 3m double sided tape......

Are the horizontal spacers (or vertical) in the MLogans and what you all use of the same material and {thickness} that run the middle as opposed to the edges? ......

Yes it would have to be..... An is in the ML...

The top panel the front, IS ONLY glued to the BACK PANEL AT THE TOP AN BOTTEM ONLY......the side ARE NOT....on the ML

Here a pix with the font pop,et off.....

This panel is being it has a new bias feed on the left side....ML wonts to sale thay ONLY feed the bias on one side...that well fail..
soner than later...You can get a lot more output out of any panel with the right bias feed...
i have done about 16 panes like this....

joojoo1234 27th November 2011 11:15 AM

Just the info I was looking for and some I was thinking about and didn't ask - thanks!

tyu 27th November 2011 04:28 PM

What Bias are you going with??...........get one you can set....i have a 6k with a pot on the AC coming in...drops to about 3k, be a lot happer when you can set it to what ever...the panes i have are sweet spot is 3300-3500....but thay work well at 4k thay sound diff.... if i go with 3k the bass moves up...3500get a little more out put...1-2db mids....move up to 4k open up, thay have 3db more.....

joojoo1234 28th November 2011 03:51 AM

Sorry I didn't get up here today earlier. I am ready to buy some reasonably high quality transformers and power supplies. I am going for a hybrid system. 8-9"x40-48"

I built my first test stators that didn't have to be torn apart and redone today. They could still be done better. The only way to do this is to do it and learn from the mistakes for sure. Right now I am using the standard copper ring system and it is exiting from the bottom. I am isolating this copper strip from the nearby stators via dripped on liquid rubber. I am going to need some high voltage wire to go to the stators.

What are peoples opinions on transformers... HAMMOND. Or Avel Torr's

TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERS from Parts Express ship same day and come with 45 day money back guarantee. Free Shipping Available. Order free 10,000 product catalog.

I want to spend $40-80 on my transformers per speaker if possible. If they stink I can then know what stink is and buy higher. I do still want the transformers to be hifi but not necessarily audiophile which I know I can't get for that price anyway.

You all will laugh... but right now as these are merely testing setup stators... the diaphragm is merely pulled tight with tape all around system with no sense of measurement but just my arms. They are tight and wrinkle free however.

I will do a tight tension and high bias 5-6kv I think. Why? I have to choose one...

The completed two items you see are what I am going to screw around with as I go about learning electronics. I am using spray on brand insulating paint. [IMG][/IMG]
I hope the images posted right.

joojoo1234 28th November 2011 03:55 AM

One thing I have learned is you have to watch that diaphragm when cutting it after setting that stator on the mylar. I have not mastered the method of preventing the mylar from being kinda longish out the sides which of course is a major bad thing. Any tips? I am razor blading around the tape and raising the stator now. I don't know another way of doing it. Probably having problems because I don't want to scar my kitchen table.

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