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servasol 19th November 2011 03:09 AM

Martin Logan Aerius i panel removal
I have taken on the job to repair a set of martin logan Aerius that have become distinctly dull in the hf , one panel being down by 15dB at 3KHz and both speaker terminals on the bass driver have broken away, which leads me to my question , How to remove the electrostatic front metal panels ? which seem to be in 2 parts ,one covering the bass driver and then the upper hf panel. The HT i measured by putting a 3.3megohm resistor in series with a digital dc voltmeter that only had a 1KV dc range and both HT voltages measure same but need to access the bass to replace the terminals > I have always stayed clear of electrostatics repairs but in the electronic service these days everything is worth a look. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

chinsettawong 19th November 2011 03:40 AM

I would not open up the electrostatic panel. Please check to see if all the electronic components work the way they should.

On Aerius, you need to wire the bass and the electrostatic panel together if you want to drive them using only one amp. You can also use an amp to drive the electrostatic panel and use another one just to drive the bass (bi-amp).

Wachara C.

tyu 19th November 2011 11:01 AM

voltmeter that only had a 1KV dc

Most voltmeter only go up to one Kdc......that sead it shoukd be 2800-dc to 3500 -dc...
go to the tweaks.... the panels a bath.....goodluck i have redone the panel miney times.. i have a pr here now...Martin Logan Aerius i....chek the diy also there....thay can sound great...some say there the best ML ever made...great mids.....

peranders 19th November 2011 11:03 AM

My ML SL3 is also defect and my speaker has most likely a defect high voltage part. Check first the HV power supply.

kach22i 1st December 2011 06:40 PM

Are you sure they are not just dusty?

Did you vacuum them? I spend about 20 minutes on each speaker with a brush attachment.

You can also rinse/shower them.

Martin Logan Shower Cleaning PDF

02GF74 25th May 2016 10:44 AM

resurrecting an old thread .... did you manageto remove the panels, if so, how?

peranders 25th May 2016 04:37 PM

Put the speaker with the panel up in a soft sofa to avoid any damages.

Take a rubber hammer or similar and hit the wooden oak pieces from the bottom. Soon they will be loose since they are fastened by key holes. Then the panel is fastened with "kardborreband" (could it be Velcro fasteners?)

Kardborre is a plant = burdock

My problem was a lose wire in the panel. It's soldered now but the panel has moved down to the floor. I haven't moved them to the original position but will.

peranders 25th May 2016 04:43 PM

See also I have pictures upload at the end.

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