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renocasino 7th August 2011 02:56 PM

Monsoon Planar Media 9 Audio System .Speaker Replacement
Hi my name is Reno this is my 1st Thread on the forum

I have a. Monsoon Planar Media 9 Audio System .Speaker problem

The main thing is I don’t have the org planar Ribbon speakers only the subwoofer Amp 100W

Iam trying to fit different speakers to it with the same ohms but cannot find what the ohms of the planar Ribbon speakers are, so I don’t blow something up.
It comes from Malaysia and under the bar code it says P351-0167-AA

Could someone give me some advice what the ohms are for the original planar Ribbon speakers or what I can use to replace them.
The sub amp speaker says 30W BUT…I have read They should have 1x50W Sub and 2X25W Satellites

This forum looks like my only Hope… Thanks Reno

geraldfryjr 7th August 2011 03:39 PM

Here is some data that might help.
I think it would be safe to say that any good 4 to 8 ohm speaker will suffice as they are not ESL's or anything.


Monsoon PlanarMedia 14 speaker review

renocasino 8th August 2011 01:50 AM

geraldfryjr is the Monsoon Planar Media 9 Audio System

the same as the
Monsoon Audio PlanarMedia™ 14 Multi-Media Speaker System
the link you gave me is for the PlanarMedia™ 14 Multi-Media

Also it says on the ...Amplifier Power THD 16 ohms
Dose that mean the Satellites speakers too ,because they don,t have the ohms on these Satellites speakers anywere
they must be different to normal speakers
I have some Sanyo speakers that iam trying at the moment they are
Base 45W 8ohms....mid 3W 8ohms ...Tweet 30W 8ohms
at half Volume they are ok at 3/4 volume in 2min it turnes off
that,s using 8 ohms
What do you mean ....they are not ESL's ?

Iam looking to buying other speakers
One iam looking at the moment has Bi- wiring
It,s of a panasonic SB-AK45 system
6 ohms 160W .

But I don,t know anything about this Bi- wiring and weather the
Monsoon Planar Media 9 will take it
it suppose to sound a lot better than normal speakers

Thanks Reno

Ed LaFontaine 8th August 2011 03:23 AM

The "9" system has a smaller "subwoofer" than the "14" system. The satellites are the same. I have the "9" system on my desktop in front of me.
The satellites are rated for 200-20kHz. There are many desk top units that should satisfy this frequency range. Just plug and play.

renocasino 8th August 2011 04:40 AM

Thanks Ed , so how many ohms should I be looking at when replaceing speakers

geraldfryjr 8th August 2011 09:10 PM

ESL's mean Electrostatic Loudspeaker's.
Those are magnetic planar dirvers.
When you say that the are okay at 3/4 volume then the shut down are they distorting at this point?

It seems that maybe they are using some very low power chipamps in a BTL configuration and are over heating due to the current draw using an 8 ohm load.
In this type of configuration each ampilfier leg see's a 4 ohm load.

You can try putting some extra resistance (1 to 4 ohms)in series with the speaker and this will limit how much current the amp has to deliver and keep it from shutting down from getting to hot.

But I wouldn't expect any great performace out of them as many times the specs of such systems are rated for more than what they can actually do.

Can you find out what chips they are using?

Maybe you can increase the heatsink area as this can always help or maybe install a small fan or something like those found in old PC's or graphic cards.
If you find that it is getting quite warm.


planet10 8th August 2011 10:46 PM

The Planar 9 & 14 use push-pull electrodynamic ribbons (licence from Bruce Thigpen).

The satelitte amps in the woofers are EQed to drive this (the dipole rolloff on the planars starts at 1kHz). Without removing the EQ, more traditional satilites will have a 1st order boost below 1k.

The panels are 4 ohm.

The Eastech 7" woofer in the Media 8 are really quite good. Chris has 2 pair in his HT, i'm hoping to retrive a pair for some tubular ML-TLs.


renocasino 9th August 2011 05:26 AM

Hey Palnet10, Would these
2 x Yamaha NX-GX3 30watt 8ohms Book Shelf Speakers be ok

planet10 9th August 2011 05:30 AM

Not without removing the EQ in the amps.


renocasino 9th August 2011 10:42 AM

Planet 10 what are the EQ in the amp what do they look like
I took the back off but don,t know what to look for .

In saying that planet my son has a set of Wharfedale MELTON 2 which he uses,
a bit on the OLD side, but they sound great when I put them on the Monsoon
With out taken out the EQ what ever that means.

The spec of the Wharfedale,s are

Type : Acoustic suspension Volume : 34L Drivers : 1x 30cm 1x 5cm mid/high Nominal impedance : 6 Ohm Power handling : 30W (DIN) Frequency response : 45Hz...17Khz (± 3dB) Crossover : 1,5Khz Dimensions : 53,5 x 3 Weight : 14,5kg. Finishes : teak with black grille

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