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lossfound 15th May 2011 05:39 PM

Magnepan SMG repair questions-- too far gone?
I recently got my hands on some extremely cheap SMGs, which are the first set of Maggies / electrostatics I have ever owned. One speaker is not working, and the reason why is evident: The grill cloth on the back has what appear to be chew holes from some kind of creature, and the wire underneath has been attacked / will need to be replaced (or repaired, if that's even possible).

What I can't tell-- at least at this point, pre-formal sock removal-- is whether said creature also managed to do damage to the diaphragm. The pic below is a view inside one of the chew holes in the grille, taken from the end where the wires wrap around.

There's a triangular hole visible in the diaphragm here. It looks too "perfect" in shape to be the result of pest damage, and is also more or less dead center in the speaker... but it also looks to me like the damaged wire should have been running directly on top of the diaphragm where the hole is.

1) Can anyone with repair experience comment as to whether SMGs or other Maggies have this hole as a matter of course?

2) If it's a "non-factory perforation," is the diaphragm going to be too shot / compromised to consider buying a rewire kit from Magnepan at this point, or can I just work around the hole with the new wire and hope for the best?

3) Is bridging a broken wire practical for Maggie repair, or is a full rewire the only option? I guess I am thinking that if I can repair the wire, I can at least get some idea as to whether I should proceed with ordering a rewire kit, even if the speaker won't exactly sound its best after such a duct-tape "repair."

ide2003 15th May 2011 05:50 PM

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hi, in my old newly bought then SMGa it is a round hole perforated , may be a marking?
I did some wire patching as well on one panel, difficult but can be done

60ndown 15th May 2011 06:05 PM

personally id try a *quick repair* (10 minutes with some wire and glue) and see if i can get them to play music, and how they sound,

if that works,

id probably leave it at that :D

but you can go as far as you want ;)

lossfound 15th May 2011 06:39 PM

Even the working one is going to need some work... it seems to have a sharp dropoff at 7-8k, definitely not sounding right in the highs at all. I don't know enough to know if this is delamination related or if the HF section just needs new wire.

Thanks for the info, ide2003. Good to know that the SMGas as least have a hole in a similar location.

StephenEC 15th May 2011 09:02 PM

loss ,

In the photo you posted , You notice the white looking spots on the wires ? Those white spots are corrosion , corrosion of the aluminum wires that are used by Magnepan .

More than likely , the lack of high end , is because the tweeter wire has been corroded
in two , thus there is an open circuit .

On the speaker that doesn't work at all, there is the possibility that there is open circuits on all the wires .

Magnepan sells kits that will allow you to re do the wires , they sell this kit only during
the months of the year that don't freeze . . . they also do rebuilds and repairs of their older models . Just call them and ask for a quote .

Another thought , if you find that you are not up to the task of repairing them yourself ,
the other option is to find a pair of used MMGs . . . Sometimes they ( MMGs ) can be found for under $ 300.00 .

Good Luck with Your Journey of all things Flat . . . I own a pair of MGIIs that have been modified and I LOVE THEM !!! ( upgraded cross over components, hard wood frame with struts )

Stephen Cook

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