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Stupinder 22nd April 2010 11:05 AM

Newbies Hello and request for guidance
Hi All,
this is my first post so be kind, I normally post on hifiwigwam but thought this was the best place to post this query.
If It's in the wrong place then mods please do move it to where it should be.
Last weekend I visited Monaco and was lucky enough to hear a pair of Avantgarde Duos which absolutely blew me away. I know that this is the speaker that I must have, but I also know that the asking preice is likely to be forever out of my reach (25 000).
So the question is, are similar results possible using the DIY route, and where do I find more information. I don't mind getting my hands dirty and building the horns from fibreglass..... I would guess.
Thanks in advance.

Printer2 23rd April 2010 01:01 AM

Made some horns out of fiberglass for PA work 25 years ago, not a big deal. The drivers play an important part of the sound.

geraldfryjr 23rd April 2010 05:43 AM

Practicaly most any thing can be done DIY that all depends on you and your abliaties and far you wish to take your project!
I have seen some some very beutiful DIY horns in these threads.
Keep searching and you will find them.
Good luck to you and I hope to see your results some time soon. jer

kavermei 23rd April 2010 05:57 AM

As a general rule, similar (or better!) results are always possible!! Remember, the high end companies spend a major portion of their budget on marketing, manual labor isn't cheap, this is all reflected in the price of high end gear. Plus, the markup for the dealers is huge.

That said, you will still need to pay for your materials, most notably the drivers. I am not familiar with the speakers you mention but I assume the drivers in it will be not all that cheap. The rest is just some wood, some metal, some fiberglass, and a lot of your spare time.

A second major cost factor will be how much you need to invest in tools along the way. If it's a one-off you could get some of the wood/metalwork done for you in a shop, that'll also drive up the cost.

In the end: just go for it! You want to hear the best advice I can give you: Don't strive for perfection the first time around, but focus on FINISHING the project. This is very important.

If you run into trouble making the horns you could try the full-range forum too, a lot of the guys there know horn stuff very well.

Good luck!

CharlieM 23rd April 2010 08:33 AM

You would likely find more members familiar with horns on the "Multi-Way" Loudspeaker forum so I would also post questions there. Good luck with it!

jameslover 23rd April 2010 09:51 AM

hi, I am james lover and I am a digital projector engg. I am here to help to other and get out solution from here.

Capaciti 23rd April 2010 02:28 PM

Hi Stupinder,

its always the same story. People think just diy something comparable and the result will be comparable.

All excellent speakers i know are designs which underwent a lot of evolution stages. What you heard from the avantgarde was the result of many years of ongoing developments and step by step improvements. In addition those guys have nothing to do but work daily on their product.

I can buy four wheels, a transmission and a engine, than i weld a chassis. If i will do pretty well, it will look like and act like a car, but im sure its never a Porsche.

So please be realistic, you will have a horn at the very end and it will sound somehow. But will it sound like you heard ??


Printer2 23rd April 2010 10:33 PM

True, you can decide to build a car yourself, went on that path years ago, and may not come up with a Porsche. But there are some good looking hotrods out there and some can perform pretty well.

As far as building a speaker goes it is much simpler than building a car. Mind you I am assuming you would not bother building your own drivers but even that is not out of the capabilities of someone at home. Mind you probably not your average person.

As far as developing an equivalent speaker to the one you fell in love with, you may come reasonably close and be happy with what you have. It may not cost you what the Avantgarde's would cost but may still run you in the thousands of dollar range for good drivers.
Do some research here and use Google, get an idea what others have done and learn from their mistakes before you do your own.

Part of this is a learning experience and you have to think it fun otherwise it would not be worth doing.

geraldfryjr 23rd April 2010 11:51 PM

Very well put, guys!
As I have put alot of work into what I am doing at the moment,I have great joy in doing so.
And the outcome has been very very rewarding and with great quality, as opposed to just going out and buying it already done.
And the money I saved by going DIY doesn't even compare to the time I have invested. When I could have been sitting around, day dreaming, and doing nothing at all!
In my case it has been an awesome learning experienc.
Sometimes along the way you might even find a better way of doing things or even improve upon an existing product.
But all in all, just to say that I did it is the most rewarding of all.
I hope that made sense? jer

Capaciti 24th April 2010 11:53 AM


you all made your statements on excisting experience. But you might agree, that just doing something for the first time will be limited. Think about your first Speaker or even ESL you made.......

Its not my intention to demotivate Stupinder, but to make him aware whats coming up, when running in such a project. I agree it might not be perfect, but he will have a lot of fun with it.

My statement isnt just based on personal opinion, but on over 20 years developing ESL-speakers. If i remind myself the first ones, second ones, the third ones...... and compare it with current types, i need o conclude that there is a significant gap in quality.


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