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WrineX 12th March 2010 06:57 PM

carbon black!
carbon black what is it ? i mean the stuff some people used for coating.
and where to get it?. what product uses this and maybe particular brand.

i whas looking in an art shop where they had pigments one called carbon black. dont know if they only mean by carbon black the colour carbon black or also the substance? because the pigment graphite is 100% gaphite. but then again there are manny pigments that wear a name that has nothing to do with the ingredients.

i would like to experiment with this stuff as coating combinned with velpon glue

anybody know where to find it in The netherlands shop or product

SY 12th March 2010 10:12 PM

Best source is Cabot. Carbon black and graphite are different- graphite is better for high conductivity, carbon black (especially channel black) is better for low conductivity like ESL coatings.

Ulf Eliasson 12th March 2010 10:15 PM

No luck with ink so far
I have tested a couple of black inks with no luck so far. I couldn’t notice any improvement compared to only glue and H2O. First I tested leftovers in the cartridge from my HP ink jet printer and then bought a bottle of Parker’s Quink.

I also tested the black powder my wife uses when she mixes porcelain paint. No luck with this either.

Antistatic vinyl polish for cars interior works perfectly
It is a 250ml spray bottle bought for €4 at the Nordic car accessories shop Biltema (36-9301).

First I tested to polish the membrane with it as you would with the interior of your car and it worked fine, but I suppose it would vaporize after a shorter or longer time. But the advantage to polish it on is that you probably cannot find anything else that add less mass to the membrane so I will probably make some kind of long term test some time.

What I’m using now (since a week or so) is a mixture of:
1 part Antistatic vinyl polish
1 part water based glue
4 parts H2O

I have used two water based transparent glues, both equally successful:
Casco Hobby glue (2935)
Casco Universial glue (2914)
Casco is part of the Akzo Nobel Deco group if you cannot find Casco on your market.

mavric 13th March 2010 02:37 AM

just a question, i know i have praised rhino, is there a simple, longer lasting apllication for my stats. which still have to be de greased and claened? I ask, it takes so long to get the machine ready, heating two 50 Gallon drums to 160 F. prep time, and that is why i am asking. i have everything but coating,
if anyone has any advice on products in the US, i am open for suggestions. It just bugs me that i have so much at my WORK place to use, but we shut down before i have a chance to use the material. I dont even have time to eat lunch, bitter sweet, have it, cannot get to it in time.
Just asking for stat coating advice, as this is my first and sorry for putting this on your post.Mavric

WrineX 13th March 2010 09:27 AM

im not truing to get a whole new coating thread starting here, i just wonder where to get carbon black or in what products its used. so any indian or chinese ink? or particular brands

pforeman 10th April 2010 02:32 AM

I've read that you can measure the impedance of the coating with by placing two pennies on the panel and measuring from there.
What would the ideal reading be. And how would higher or lower readings affect the output

jfitz57 10th April 2010 06:02 AM

I've read that you can measure the impedance of the coating with by placing two pennies on the panel and measuring from there.
What would the ideal reading be. And how would higher or lower readings affect the output

Hi Paul

I'm just getting started learning about ESL's. I've found that Wikipedia is a
great place to find detailed information. What you want to measure is the
"sheet resistance". Google "wikipedia sheet resistance" or go to
and type it in. I was reading here how some peop;e use shampoo in coatings so
I read the ingrediants on some shampoo bottles and looked them up on wikipedea
and was surpized at what detailed information I found.


jelanier 10th April 2010 08:23 AM

Lampblack - conductive (carbon black) - microfine - Stock #C154C - ORM
Firefox Enterprises. Chemicals - I-L.

moray james 12th April 2010 10:48 PM

There are carbon black that are modified to not be conductive for an assortment of reasons. You need to contact a manufacturer to obtain a specific part and they will probably send you free samples. Tell them what you are doing and take their advice. That's why most inks don't work. Hope this helps.

Steve Dunlap 13th April 2010 07:11 PM

Any good paint store will have carbon black. I never tried to see if it is conductive.

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