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ktuuri 8th June 2008 04:15 AM

Linaeum Dipole Tweeter as a Super tweeter?
I picked these up a while back when I was planning some open baffles. They were upgraded with a REL 4uf cap.
The Open Baffle plan was put on hold as I fell into a pair or Acoustat X with the direct Drive Tube Servo amps. ( What an amazing speaker).

I find they do miss a tad of the top end and was thinking about using the Linaeum Dipole Tweeter as a super tweeter. I want to bring them in around 10,000 khz, so I'm thinking a 1 uf cap.

Any ideas on a good cap to try for this?

Do you think the Acoustat and Linaeum Dipole Tweeter might work well together, I will have to use an L-pad as well. I will be using a Modded Forte Class A amp for now. If it works alright, I might then look at other options for an amp.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

SGD 8th June 2008 02:35 PM

very interested in what you do, i have a pair of et-6 linaeums, (well one is off being measured)

which tweeter model do you have??

ktuuri 9th June 2008 01:21 AM

I have a pair that Linaeum made for Radio Shack, The Optimus Dipole Tweeter.
The Specs were posted by another member in an earlier thread. Your thread I believe.

I have them sitting on a shelf just begging to get played. So I thought I would give it a try and see how they blend together.
Just wondering if any members have a favourite cap that they think might work well in these tweeters.

What would really make my day is if someone has played around with a few different caps in the Linaeum tweeter. But that aside, I just won my bid on an item on ebay, so this day is off to a good start.:D

moray james 9th June 2008 05:22 PM

just saw this thread...
you can make a big improvement to this little gem of a speaker with very little effort. You will need some 5/8 inch diametre plastic pipe. Cut the pipe into lengths just under 2 7/8 inch long (you will need four). Install the lengths in a vertical position directly infront of and as close to the centre part of the diaphragm as possible (the part where the two foils split and go in opposite directions). Do this on the front and the back side. Get them as close as you can without touching the film (remember the diaphragm moves). This acts to load the diaphragn and to diffract diaphragm ripple when the film is driven. You will notice that stage and image are improved as well as the odd part the tweeter will sound smoother and more extended with this mod. You can mount in place with some blutack to test and hard glue in place later. In a pinch I have used cut down half inch dia glue sticks but 5/8 inch pipe seems to work well.
My guess is that these tweeters measuer poorly but as anyone who has heard them will tell you they sound very good.

ktuuri 11th June 2008 12:39 PM

Great idea! Thanks moray. I'm going to try that, think I'll just pick up some caps (nothing fancy) and play around for now, I can always get some better ones later.
Think for now I'll just use my tube amp as it has adjustable gain, I'll get an L-pad later if things work out.

gtforme00 17th June 2008 07:52 PM

I will have to give this modification a try. I suppose it is more or less like a phase plug for these tweeters? They do lack somewhat on-axis.


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