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wixy 13th November 2007 10:03 AM

ER Audio ESL III Kit, and ESL questions in general
I'm just after peoples opinions on the ER Audio ESL III kit (see )

I have no idea about ESL's, but I've just become very interested after reading some reviews in which it is basically described as the best loudspeaker the reviewer has ever heard.

How would a speaker such as this fare in a small room (11.5ft x 11.5ft)?

I understand that subwoofers are typically required. What types work best?

What sort of amplification is recommended?

frank ziel 14th November 2007 03:37 PM

Hi Wixy,
here a link to someone who has build this ESL:
many pictures, nice description,
hope it helps.
And here is a thread like your amplification question:

kffern 17th November 2007 05:32 AM

Hi Wixy,

I own an early pair of ESLIIIs' (wider tweeter) which I rebuilt with the 3.5 micron diaphrgm.
I have slightly too large a room and they do sound a bit thin. I would guess the width of your room is fine as they would sound better nearer the side walls. The length might be a problem. Don't think you would need a subwoofer though. I would recommend asking Rob what he thinks.

He has the Acorns in his narrow long room and they sound perfect. Maybe one day I'll get a pair.

I think a subwoofer would help mine but have yet to try one.
As for amplifiers, it definitely need s a good high current amp. I use a Bryston 4BST with great results.
I have used a 50watt KT88 PP valve amp which does fine but is a bit bass light compared to the Bryston.
Hope that helps. I have no regrets about mine.

arend-jan 17th November 2007 07:09 AM

My thoughts exactly. Talk to Rob. He is very nice to deal with and helpfull, one of the good guys!

wixy 20th November 2007 06:17 AM

Thanks for the advice guys!

SlimyLimey 22nd November 2007 10:32 AM


I built a pair of ESL III's using some parts from ER Audio and locally sourcing the rest. It saved some money but created a lot of hassle. Rob from ER Audio was very helpful. I've built dozens of loudspeaker system over the years, the ESL III's are the best. They will not go overy loud, but the tradeoff for sound quality is worth it. You will need to include two sub-wooofers. I use a pair of DIY dipoles which complement the ESL's very well. If you really want to experiment you should use a DSP/Equalizer and Active X-over, like Behringer, etc. You can really tailor the sound of the ESL's.

vitalstates 22nd November 2007 12:01 PM

Hi Wixy

check out my web site for thorough walk thru and also I think my original review for HiFi World is still up on the ER website....

I still reckon they are up there, even though they have been superceded now..



SlimyLimey 22nd November 2007 04:04 PM


Some more ramblings... your room (11.5 x 11.5) is probably not a very good choice for listening although I understand that you may not have a choice. The ESL III's need to stand at least 2 feet away from the rear wall and should not be placed right next to the sidewalls. This doesn't leave a lot of room in your listening area.

Dipole and TL subwoofers sound good with ESL's but are probably too large for your room. However, consider a servo controlled subwoofer instead.

I power my ESL III's with a couple of 200 wrms amps from BK in the UK (OMP-200 STD), they work fine and cost almost nothing. (

Serge66 1st December 2007 02:56 AM

Acorn comments or reviews, anyone?
G'Day all,
Has anyone built a pair of Acorn from ER Audio?

How do they sound? Where can I find reviews?

I am contemplating buying a pair of them within the next 2 years.

At the moment, I own a pair of Magnepan MG12QR and they are just great. But, I would like to experience ESLs.

Once you go flat, you never go back!



vitalstates 1st December 2007 02:15 PM

Re: Acorn comments or reviews, anyone?

Originally posted by Serge66
G'Day all,
Has anyone built a pair of Acorn from ER Audio?

How do they sound? Where can I find reviews?



The Er Audio website is a good place to start...there are some user reviews posted.

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