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Audio_idiot 24th May 2007 04:58 AM

Wire Insulation for Wire stator

Need help on wire insulation related issue.

1) Must the insulation for the wire used for wire stator be rated at the operating bias voltage?

2) Is it possible to add PU coating on magnet wire (normally use for motor winding) with paint roller to increase insulation rating? how thick or how many coats should I be looking at?


Calvin 24th May 2007 06:12 AM


1) No. Itīd be nice if You could get Your hands on such wire, but most wires are rated for just a couple of hundreds of volts. This figure is much smaller than the -sometimes to find in the datasheets- flashover treshold of the insulation. PVC-Wires are for eg. rated to ~300-600V working voltage but can withstand voltages in the kV-range.

2) Radio Eriwan says: Yes itīs possible, but why try it when there are already usable wires on the market?
With magnet-wires there come different insulations. The special arc-resistant ones come with double or even triple coating. They are specified for inverter usage and flashover voltages well beyond 10kV.


Audio_idiot 24th May 2007 09:28 AM

Hi Calvin,

Thanks for the info.

Resources is limited where I come from, resources are limited, 1KV rated magnet wire is what I can get off-the-shelf, thus, I'm looking at this option.

And I have a few rolls (100meter per roll) of really cheap 1mm O.D. PVC coated wires lying around.

Of course I could order magnet wires online, but that would take lots of time.... and most importantly, patient... :hot:

My plan is to build a wooden frame with all the wire support build in, then, lay and tension magnet wire/or PVC coated wire, then paint many coats of PU varnish (normally use for wooden floor) over the wires AND the wooden frame to improve insulation on both. Then I'll follow with installing Arcylic insulators, then the diapharm...etc etc..

I would like to spray the PU, but I couldn't get hold of a compressor for the job.

Would this work?


ak_47_boy 24th May 2007 12:54 PM

I would suspect most wire would not arc with a 8kv bias. Seeing that it will never see all 8kv. Floor coating would work well, its just you have to be careful not to leave any pin holes, bare spot, etc. or you will have to pull everything apart to fix.

Calvin 25th May 2007 07:34 AM


if the wire is manufactured properly, then You shouldnīt need any additional insulative coating at all...proofed by Acoustats, Audiostatics, Capacitys and many DIYers ;-)
A problem might occur though with wooden frames. Those might leak, since wood is no insulator for HV. So You have to keep an eye on that. Insulate the wood or use plastic in first place!
PVC sheets are commonly used as insulator.


Audio_idiot 25th May 2007 07:40 AM

Hi Calvin,
My plan is to coat the wooden frame with multiple layers of PU varnish before installing any HV components, namely the stator wires. For 2 reasons, firstly to insulate the wood, and seconly for aesthetic finishing of the wood.

I'll use phenolic board to mount the wire holding thumbnails, and then inlay the phenolic board onto the wooden frame.

Would this take care of the wood leakage?


Calvin 25th May 2007 11:42 AM


sounds ok for me ;-)


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