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Jimmy154 30th November 2011 11:21 PM

Is it possible to do a 4-way crossover with kx drivers?
I have a Audigy 2 ZS (platinum, I think). All I have left for outputs are SPDIF (same as digital output, I think). And then the soundcard has a headphone output that come off the card and goes to the front piece (if I had one).

Can I use this headphone out as a fourth output (subwoofer)? If not, can I use digital output? Is it easier just to get a card that has 4 outputs and works with kx drivers (I don't think there is one).

dangus 1st December 2011 03:02 AM

I don't know. But here's a page with a clear and hopefully correct explanation of how to connect all 7.1 analog outputs. FAQ: Connecting the Audigy 2 ZS to your receiver - Page 7 - AVS Forum Evidently I was mistaken in thinking that a "camcorder" or iPod cable would work... Creative puts ground on one of the rings.

If you want 4 stereo S/PDIF outputs, those can be found on the AD_EXT header.

3 PCM outputs can be had from the digital out jack, according to this diagram. It appears to use a normal camcorder style cable with the ground where you'd expect it to be.

Jimmy154 2nd December 2011 02:42 PM

I could try the mic output and see how it works, but I don't know which pins they are on the soundcard connector.

boris81 2nd December 2011 07:36 PM

Audigy 2 ZS is 7.1 meaning that it has 8 outputs.

LineOut1 = L-R
LineOut2 = CL-CR-BR
LineOut3 = C-S-BL
or something similar

However you need a special cable to use the extra 2 channels in the back. it looks like this and it's usually used for playing video from digital cameras.

I haven't tried the headphones output but it might work. Also you can buy a second card and use them together to get more channels.

Jimmy154 6th December 2011 04:31 PM

Yes, that's what it look like, then it has a panel that goes to the front and has a headphone output. I'm hoping to use that headphone output, if I can figure out which pins are the headphone stereo output and ground on the sound card connector that goes to the front panel. Or I have to buy the front panel and figure it out that way, which I would rather not do. Hopefully it will work.

Jimmy154 6th December 2011 04:40 PM

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I think it's the white connector for this particular card. I don't know which outputs are for the microphone.

boris81 7th December 2011 05:04 PM

You didn't understand what I was saying. I am already getting 8 analog outputs from my Audigy 2ZS and I don't have the front panel.

You don't need the front panel to get 8 outputs, they are already on the PCB bracket (2+3+3 = 8 = 7.1).
LineOut1 = 2 outputs = Left + Right
LineOut2 = 3 outputs = CenterLeft + CenterRight + RearRight
LineOut3 = 3 outputs = Center + Subwoofer + RearLeft
(I might have them mixed up)

Headphone outputs usually have an amp so they might have different voltage that the line outs.

Jimmy154 10th December 2011 05:25 PM

Right now I'm getting two channels per output. So six channels total. The channels are front (right and left), rear (right and left), subwoofer and center out. I also don't see any more analog channels (other than headphones) on my kx drivers digital sound processor.

What am I missing?
Lol, I'm so stupid. Looking at your kx DSP I noticed that I used way too many crossovers. Also you seem to have way less . . . ummm . . . functions. Since I don't know what most of them to I didn't get rid of any of the useless ones. Can you email me your DSP? I think once I have the basic setup I can modify it.

boris81 10th December 2011 08:25 PM

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You need 2 of these cables to take advantage of the extra channels.

I built a very simple DSP routing with the basic components.
It's NOT TESTED so be careful. Turn down the volume and try the outputs.
It's missing routing for LineIn and MicIn which you might want to use at some point.

Rename the .ZIP extension to .KX - it's not a zip file.

Jimmy154 10th December 2011 09:23 PM

The link is not working for me, but I think I know which cables I need. I wanted to confirm the channels exist because I do not see them in the "epilog." Maybe I will figure out which ones or where they are.

Thanks for the files. I really liked UFX EQ-P5, but I can't use it with kx 3550 and I need 3550 for windows 7, I think. At least they fix some windows 7 compatibility issues in that version.

I like you speakers.

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