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hansommen 17th September 2011 01:53 PM

STL UDP hardware internet link
For a local radio in the netherlands I need a STL link to connect stereo 192 kbit/s audio from one place thrue internet to the studio. I want to design 2 hardware units with a web interface to control the settings. The audio stream should be UDP instead of TCP to make the delay time of the stream as short as possible.
I've surfed around and found some hardware: SBC65EC for the web server/cpu/controller ect
For the audio interface I want to use a Breakout Board for VS1053 MP3 and MIDI the Sparkfun BOB-0994 board.
To put this board on the SBC I want to made a simple connect pcb which also houses the XLR connectors and in and out opamps.
So.... I just have to put the hardware together and then the only thing to do is writing software for the SBC and the VS1053 chip.
There is still much to do.....
Is there anyone who did do such and so please contact me.

hansommen 17th September 2011 02:46 PM

Here are some links: Embedded PIC based SBC board with Ethernet, RS232, I2C, 12 Analog Inputs, 32 Digital I/Os, free TCP
VLSI Solution-VS10XX Applications

hansommen 17th September 2011 03:44 PM

On this moment we use a pc based setting.
On the remote site there is a laptop with oddcast wo uses the input of the external usb hardware which is connected to the output of the audiomixer, oddcast is connected thrue internet (TCP) with the icecast server.
In the studio where the icecast application is running on a pc Also winamp is running and looks at (so a local port) to get the audio.
The audio output is connected to the linemixer.
As you can see, only for technician who are familiar with internet port forwarding, configuration ice-cast, oddcast ect can use this setting.
The hardware design should be usable by reporters who only have had a quick introduction, just connect the audio to the equipment and put the internet connection to the RJ45 and thats it....

dangus 18th September 2011 08:41 AM

Would it make sense to encode the audio using something more efficient, and possibly more fault-tolerant, than MP3?

I would have thought a laptop, netbook, or tablet could work; come up with appropriate software, and maybe you can sell it to other radio stations.

hansommen 18th September 2011 11:59 AM

I want to code the audio in Ogg-Vorbis (see specs of VLSI chip).
Also, if the hardware solution will operate it would be usable by many radio stations, it would be more efficient (at lower costs) than BARIX in-ex-streamer equipment. Audio over IP : IP Ethernet : Internet Intercom : IP Paging : VoIP Intercom - Barix

manoochehr2 28th March 2012 02:19 PM

iteresting subject
hi ,
it is interesting subject for me, I am thinking to do same project for other application.
did you had any success? please inform me.

manoochehr2 28th March 2012 02:25 PM

also you can use oem boards such as:
Digital Acoustics, Leaders in Ethernet OEM IP modules, embedded VoIP modules for LAN intercoms and TCP/IP. Audio paging for Ethernet LAN and WAN networks.

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